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In a recent monologue, Bill O'Reilly suggested that backlash is building for Joe Biden and his administration. O'Reilly describes going to a hockey game and... [Read More]
Sometimes you really have to marvel at the hypocrisy of the left. For four years under Trump, we were told by the left that a... [Read More]
A little over a year ago, the United States had one of the strongest economies we have seen in decades. The COVID pandemic and the... [Read More]
Mark Robinson is a rising star in the Republican party and it's easy to see why. He speaks the truth and is not afraid to... [Read More]
Maya Wiley is a far left progressive Democrat running for mayor of New York City. She has been endorsed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, if that gives... [Read More]
Democrats want to abolish the filibuster so that they can more easily advance their far left agenda. Two Democrats in the Senate are holding out.... [Read More]
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