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Today's Birthday (11/24/20). Silver flows into your coffers this year. Take advantage to power on, full speed ahead. Together, navigate a change this winter to... [Read More]
Today's Birthday (11/23/20). Your income is on the rise this year. Pursue opportunities with focus and determination. You and your partner adapt to a challenge... [Read More]
Today's Birthday (11/22/20). You've got the Midas touch this year. Reap a golden harvest with steady diligence. Making a shift with your partner this winter... [Read More]
Today's Birthday (11/21/20). This year could get especially lucrative. Disciplined efforts pay in silver and gold. Winter redirects a collaborative effort, leading to a growth... [Read More]
Today's Birthday (11/20/20). Creativity blossoms and grows this year. Apply disciplined practices consistently for marvelous results. Shift shared finances around winter changes, before an income... [Read More]
Today's Birthday (11/19/20). Write, communicate and network this year. Creative projects pay and satisfy with diligent, consistent efforts. Making changes to adapt family finances to... [Read More]
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