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Baseball's version of "bargains galore" black Friday will arrive this Wednesday - or to paraphrase Marie Antoinette: After Dec. 2, le deluge, as in the... [Read More]
For fractured families across America, Thanksgiving provided a chance to press pause on political differences and focus on the positives after a bloody election. Not... [Read More]
Wearing a radio earpiece, but no mask, my bodyguard greets me outside Penn station in Manhattan with an outstretched hand and I am too English... [Read More]
She believes in life in the wild. [Read More]
Covid-19 dampens holiday cheer for Black small businesses... [Read More]
Cells exist in varying environments and must respond to specific stimuli. During development, epithelial cells need to rapidly reorganize under tension without compromising epithelial integrity.... [Read More]
Beloved "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek offered an uplifting vision for the future of the world in a video he taped shortly before his death to... [Read More]
Rick Gates, Trump's 2016 deputy campaign chair, says president 'knows how much those of us who worked for him have suffered'... [Read More]
At CalArts in the 1970s I once had a seminar with the poet and maverick art critic David Antin. The dean introduced him at the... [Read More]
More than 2,000 coronavirus deaths have been recorded in a single day in the United States for the first time since the spring amid warnings... [Read More]
In the past few weeks gardeners in Georgia have reported seeing a monstrous worm with a broad, fan-shaped head and a body up to a... [Read More]
President-elect urges shared sacrifice amid hardship of restricted holiday, and says: 'We're at war with the virus, not each other'... [Read More]
Edith Baldassarre wasn't sure she would be setting a place for her brother, James Colon, at her family's Thanksgiving table in Massapequa this year. That's... [Read More]
Top public health official makes 'final plea' on Covid threat as expert warns of potential 'mother of all super-spreader events'... [Read More]
In the fall elections, Democrats won the headliner but lost many undercards. With sizable gains in state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, Republicans are poised... [Read More]
Ghislaine Maxwell is subjected to jail conditions more restrictive than those of the most notorious prisoners in America, her lawyer said in a complaint to... [Read More]
Ghislaine Maxwell, in quarantine in a Brooklyn federal jail due to coronavirus exposure, has endured a flashlight shined in her cell every 15 minutes while... [Read More]
Scientists looking for wildlife as they flew over Utah spotted something glittering from the canyon below. As the pilot turned the helicopter around, they saw... [Read More]
The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged past 30,000 points for the first time in history Tuesday, a day after the Trump administration finally agreed to... [Read More]
New York continues to grapple with a holiday COVID-19 outbreak that shows no signs of easing. [Read More]
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