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A "toxic relationship" saw the media personality "spiral out of control", lawyer says. [Read More]
"This has been an incredibly heart-wrenching experience for all," police boss says. [Read More]
Singer has opened up about the pressures of being on tour with Miley Cyrus. [Read More]
Tough times call for ... a skin-tight pink shiny bodysuit with hip holes, apparently. [Read More]
Hardcore Trump supporters believe his latest video suggests he has sinister plans. [Read More]
Trump has turned on the man who stuck with him over an eye-watering fee. [Read More]
Saved By The Bell star has been hospitalised and diagnosed with 'stage four cancer'. [Read More]
She was once a chef, but when her husband left her she embarked on a racy, new career. [Read More]
Got to make guacamole and your avocado is hard as a rock? This hack is for you. [Read More]
One of the people arrested in the Capitol riot allegedly sent the FBI a bizarre email. [Read More]
Scientists have backed up a surefire way to know if a woman likes you, writes Hocking. [Read More]
A dog-walking 'Karen' has been caught on camera in an intense battle over a parking space. [Read More]
Viewers have been left stunned at a woman's $52 dress that makes her waistline shrink. [Read More]
A year ago he made biggest decision of his life and repercussions are still being felt. [Read More]
The UK Health Secretary delivered a baffling response to a yes or no question. [Read More]
Were insiders helping plan and execute the insurrection at the US Capitol? [Read More]
She urged people to stay home, then flew around the world with her anti-vaxxer boyfriend. [Read More]
A mother and her three children, two girls and a boy, were found dead in a Melbourne home. [Read More]
Sex scenes being commonplace in mainstream movies — but one type that's still rarely seen. [Read More]
Dressed in full tactical gear and carrying an assault rifle, he went to get his cat. [Read More]
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