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The 13-year-old dog, called Titan, stands in his backyard as the curious insect flies round his head in Deerfield Beach, Florida. [Read More]
CCTV footage shows the man, who almost loses his trousers in the struggle, hoisting his pet away from the cat in the neighbourhood of Bagcilar... [Read More]
This is the moment a dog walker has to hoist his pooch in the air after a cat attacks the pair for straying to close... [Read More]
Photographer Wellinton Barbosa took the pictures of the couple, called Priscila Serraglio and Alisson Picinin, for a pre wedding photo shoot in Sorisso, Brazil. [Read More]
The crying two-year-old was part of the ritual at the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, also known as the Nine Emperor Gods festival, in southern Thailand on October 23. [Read More]
Golfer Charlie Smith, 30, trying to line up his drive at Bromley Golf Centre, on aptly named Magpie Lane in Kent, but a cheeky bird has... [Read More]
Jeremy Durst, 30, from Miami, Florida, signed up for his first-ever biking race so he could propose to girlfriend Sara Frank, 30 at the Motorama... [Read More]
An unnamed 38-year-old man has been arrested in the Sussex area on Saturday on suspicion of perverting the course of justice, the first person to... [Read More]
At least a month of new restrictions have been imposed across Italy to fight rising coronavirus infections, starting on Monday and lasting until November 24. [Read More]
Researchers from University College London (UCL) analysed data from people aged between 14 and 93, and found the pandemic has had an effect on exercise... [Read More]
The rally took place on Sunday at the busy Rajprasong intersection, in the heart of Bangkok's shopping district with protester numbers swelling to several thousand... [Read More]
The wooden structure appeared outside the Dough and Brew and allowed diners to eat outdoors, but furious locals said it looked like a builders merchants. [Read More]
Footage shows one officer attempting to saw their way into the headquarters of Chukakuha, a leftist group located in the Edogawa district of Tokyo. [Read More]
On Thursday, twelve men and a woman aged between 21 and 49, appeared at Nottingham Magistrates' Court charged with various offences in connection with... [Read More]
Some 500,000 could arrive in the first year after the visa becomes available in January, the estimations from Home Office officials suggest. [Read More]
The set comprises 12 stamps depicting the captains from the six main TV series, plus additional crew members including Captain James T Kirk, Spock, and... [Read More]
The jury heard how Darren McClean, 42, had 41 convictions for 117 separate offences on his record, including other burglaries. He was convicted of murder... [Read More]
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