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MICHAEL PORTILLO urged Brexiteers to exploit the EU's current political and financial crisis and gain an upper hand in the deadlocked Brexit trade negotiations. [Read More]
PRINCESS ANNE has been compared to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, as a royal expert said that the "press frenzy" that Princess Anne faced during... [Read More]
A MYSTERIOUS sighting above a major Chinese city sparked a UFO panic and sent social media into meltdown, after footage of strange lights hovering in... [Read More]
PRINCE CHARLES was left heartbroken by Meghan and Harry's decision to leave their royal life, after the future King was "so proud" at the prospect... [Read More]
A BREXITEER British fisherman has urged Prime Minister Boris Johnson to defy EU pressure and punishment plans, and take back control of British waters. [Read More]
VIOLENCE erupted in Germany's capital Berlin after 20,000 protesters took to the streets to vent their fury at Angela Merkel and her Government's anti-pandemic measures. [Read More]
THE latest BBC weather forecast shows the extreme levels of heat Britain experienced this week returning within just a few days, as an 'African heat... [Read More]
NORTH KOREAN dictator Kim Jong-un "does not look well" after recent photographs of the political leader emerged, according to a leading political analyst. [Read More]
PRINCE HARRY was left shaken after a terrifying 4.2-magnitude earthquake rocked Los Angeles just hours after he appeared delivering an address to a virtual summit. [Read More]
A TERRIFYING coronavirus chart has shown the alarming rise in infections across England, with the virus spreading fastest in areas that are not yet under... [Read More]
IRAN launched mysterious "buried" missiles from underground this week, following days of increasing military tensions between Tehran and the US. [Read More]
FRENCH FISHERMEN have vowed to punish Britain by blocking French ports and "stopping any British fish from reaching French soil" if Boris Johnson refuses to... [Read More]
A METROPOLITAN police officer was left injured on Thursday night after a street party celebrating Eid "descended into violence" in east London. [Read More]
THE latest BBC weather forecasts shows a dramatic 15C temperature plunge across the UK following Friday's record-breaking temperatures which saw the third hottest day ever... [Read More]
CHINA has put the US on alert, after a military exercise over the disputed South China Sea saw Beijing unveil new long-range high-tech bombers as... [Read More]
BRITAIN'S Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has warned that the country has "reached the limits of opening up society" after Boris Johnson reversed a decision... [Read More]
THE MAJORITY of people in Italy and France no longer support remaining in the EU, according to a bombshell poll that could see more countries... [Read More]
FURIOUS British fishermen have raged against huge Dutch trawlers "stealing" more than 80 percent of their catch, as the intense Brexit row between the EU... [Read More]
IAIN DALE raged at a British foreign policy chief who urged the UK to be "more understanding of China," claiming her strategy "sounds like appeasement... [Read More]
THE LABOUR PARTY was called out for "criticising the Government for the sake of criticism" after the Health Secretary's abrupt decision to impose lockdown measures... [Read More]
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