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McCarthy declared his opposition Tuesday to a bipartisan bill to create a Jan. 6 commission. [Read More]
The court moved to protect privacy rights but undermined the right to a fair trial. [Read More]
The Supreme Court took a case that could destroy Roe vs. Wade. The court should make sure it does not. [Read More]
There's a dispute over just how much funding last year's Measure J allocates for alternatives to incarceration and other equity and social service programs. Here's... [Read More]
Charitable donations made at politicians' request are just another way for companies and special interests to curry favor with elected officials. They should be banned... [Read More]
Voters may have thought they were expanding civilian oversight, but the mayor and the council surely knew Charter Amendment C would soften discipline. [Read More]
Gov. Gavin Newsom proposes a universal prekindergarten year for California 4-year-olds. It could boost students academically — or not. Attention to certain questions is key. [Read More]
The school board approved standards to teach kids about acceptance of others. The inflammatory attacks on those standards show how badly they're needed. [Read More]
Some states are rejecting the extra unemployment benefits the federal government has been providing since early in the pandemic, saying the money is encouraging people... [Read More]
The CDC's new guidance doesn't supersede state and local orders. Moreover, how do we know who's been jabbed? [Read More]
Opponents of voting reform are dying for California's experiment to stumble so they can use it as an excuse to retain the undemocratic process in... [Read More]
Just as it was wrong for judicial powers to be reallocated to prosecutors in the "tough on crime" era, it is wrong for judges to... [Read More]
The current violence reflects a stalled 'peace process.'... [Read More]
A judge tossed out the NRA's petition for protection from a N.Y. lawsuit seeking its dissolution. Ending the NRA may be the best thing for... [Read More]
The good news is that after being on the brink of extinction, California condors now have enough numbers to gather for a party. The bad... [Read More]
Lawmakers should think far more strategically about student debt, rather than showering everyone with tax-free loan forgiveness in such high amounts. [Read More]
This year, for the first time, leaf blowers, weed wackers, lawn mowers and other small off-road engines are expected to produce more smog-forming emissions than... [Read More]
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