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A senior Naval Intelligence official attempted to explain multiple UFO sightings and potential signs of extraterrestrial activity during an historic congressional hearing Tuesday. [Read More]
When Mike Lindell questioned the 2020 election, liberal retailers didn't like it. They threatened Mike with millions of dollars of lost sales if he didn't... [Read More]
A Virginia mother is suing her son's school district over its implementation of a Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum that she says radically changed his... [Read More]
Progressives need to acknowledge that there are going to be problems with any technology: There's no such thing as a free lunch. [Read More]
Multiple U.S. Navy aircraft carriers have amassed in the waters east of China, the U.S. Naval Institute reported Monday. [Read More]
The United States Air Force announced the successful test of a hypersonic missile that can travel more than five times the speed of sound, according... [Read More]
Elon Musk has the cost of living crisis under Joe Biden could get so bad the U.S. could turn into Venezuela and compared the President... [Read More]
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is relaxing import rules for baby formula amid a national shortage crisis, according to a Monday announcement. [Read More]
The Biden administration asked Congress to allow the Department of Defense (DoD) to fund foreign critical mineral facilities in the annual defense spending bill. [Read More]
Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tore into the White House Monday after a weekend of sparring on Twitter over President Joe Biden's handling of the... [Read More]
Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake gave a phenomenal interview on Newsmax TV about the southern border crisis and her proposed solutions that are already... [Read More]
Obama's Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke is now warning that stagflation is coming under Joe Biden. Bernanke is the latest in a line of former Obama... [Read More]
The scope of persecution against Christians in North Korea has now reached the point where it is illegal to worship Jesus or even own a... [Read More]
President Biden met with King Abdullah II of Jordan on Friday in Washington to discuss the outbreak of Palestinian violence on the Temple Mount. In... [Read More]
The House speaker responded by stammering and making random consonant sounds before launching an attack on former President Trump. [Read More]
Actress Candace Cameron Bure took to social media Wednesday to share that a dark presence had recently attacked her home and it was affecting her... [Read More]
Pope Francis on Sunday declared 10 people saints of the Roman Catholic Church, including an anti-Nazi Dutch priest murdered in the Dachau concentration camp and... [Read More]
Scott Lively explains even the 'wokest' of the left can't suppress the realities of gender... [Read More]
Biden might be anticipating investigations should Republicans take the House of Representatives, the Senate or both in November. ... [Read More]
The Daily Caller News Foundation and reporter Thomas Catenacci scored a legal victory against Democratic Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Monday after her office agreed to... [Read More]
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