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Thousands of voters will be able to participate in this election. [Read More]
The city's mayor calls racism in the department "systemic." [Read More]
Workers claim were stereotyped as "ghetto," "lazy" and "smelly." [Read More]
Lilieth Sewell died at the age of 63. [Read More]
The 22-year-old rapper told cops someone was following him. [Read More]
He compared POTUS to 'Florida Man' and clowned his TV ratings. [Read More]
The rapper says someone vandalized his car with a flag. [Read More]
The seventh season of the ABC show just premiered earlier this week. [Read More]
"Don't ever give up on yourself." [Read More]
The fast-food giant also faces numerous other racial discrimination lawsuits. [Read More]
May alleged that a doctor pressured them to undergo surgeries that they didn't need without their consent. [Read More]
His girlfriend was also shot and hospitalized in serious condition. [Read More]
The messages were sent through TikTok. [Read More]
The comment was made in an anonymous survey. [Read More]
The City of Compton is slated to give payments that will benefit 800 residents over a two-year period. [Read More]
The American Civil LIberties Union says that they cannot locate the parents because some have been deported back to their native countries. [Read More]
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