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And it's already Certfied Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. [Read More]
'You have gone too far. This is not love.'... [Read More]
The poll has run once every ten years since the 1950's... [Read More]
"At this point, I believe what was good in you is gone." [Read More]
Luke Skywalker has had enough of Nazis. [Read More]
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Will there be a fourth season of Courtney's adventures, or is the show on CW's dreaded chopping block? [Read More]
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mind looking into shutting down those mining rigs in Svartalfheim? They're SMOKIN'... [Read More]
Wait, Apple Music has a knock-off Wrapped? [Read More]
The actor has been accused of grooming a teenage girl. [Read More]
There's only one king to rule them all, and it's not Viserys. [Read More]
Nobody is about enabling fascists, especially Bill. [Read More]
They probably got sick and tired of day one HBO Max releases. [Read More]
Thanks a lot, Elon. [Read More]
The romance has finally leaped from being buried in the lore books to actual cutscenes :') [Read More]
Dwayne Johnson, the voice behind hit singles "You're Welcome" and "Uptown Funk", had a few choice words. [Read More]
Nintendo would likely rather you focus on that pretty new Mario movie trailer. [Read More]
Did you catch it? #SuperMarioBrosMovie... [Read More]
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