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The "Mamma Mia!" actress and the "Newsroom" actor are also parents to a 3-year-old girl named Nina. [Read More]
It was a gift of a tooth from a megalodon given to Prince George - but it's now prompted a mega-row with Malta saying it's... [Read More]
"MY NEW DOG GOT INTO MY OIL PAINT????" the Twitter user @coldemoji captioned the viral image. [Read More]
The tooth, which is believed to be about 23 million years old, came from a megalodon, an extinct species that was three times the size... [Read More]
It would have been the third term for Aliman in the village of Deveselu, which is home to about 3,000 people. [Read More]
Only the United States has experienced more confirmed cases of COVID-19. [Read More]
This past summer, the Ardent Leisure company pleaded guilty to three safety charges. [Read More]
The "Broken Hearts Gallery" star was a fifth grader in Australia when she was cast in a small, comedic role in a school play. [Read More]
The ban takes effect Oct. 1, more than a year after it was agreed upon by state lawmakers. [Read More]
The Pro Football Hall of Famer and his wife, Jennifer, confronted the woman and initially tried to deescalate the situation, before a "tussle" with the... [Read More]
"How do I ever say thank you?" Derlin Newey said in a video of the moment, choking back tears. "I don't know what to say." [Read More]
Photos show George admiring the tooth of a carcharocles megalodon, a species that lived more than 3 million years ago, after Attenborough gave it to... [Read More]
The duo shared the happy news Saturday in a YouTube video, in which Price spoke about their struggles to get pregnant in the past. [Read More]
In a video, Dwayne Johnson called Biden and Harris "the best choice to lead our country." [Read More]
The incident occurred Saturday in Malibu, Calif. [Read More]
The FAA required the pilot to take a remedial runway incursion training course," the organization said in a statement. "When the pilot successfully completed the... [Read More]
"This was a very rare medical crisis for the Florida Keys, but everyone came together — including those witnesses on the boat to 911 Communicators... [Read More]
The man's heart stopped after he consumed a bag and a half of the candy every day during a multi-week stretch, doctors said. [Read More]
The petition was submitted to Trump on Tuesday, an attorney for the rapper said. [Read More]
Fathers in France may soon be able to spend more time with their newborns. [Read More]
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