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Over the past few months, it has become clear that a major rift has formed in the royal family, which is Prince William and Kate... [Read More]
The cast of the iconic 1986 movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" just reunited to share their memories of what it was like to make the... [Read More]
Things only got worse for Milano when photos resurfaced of her wearing cornrows, which resulted in her being accused of appropriating black culture. [Read More]
This comes as Democrats are trying to remove statues and tributes to historical people who they have deemed to be "offensive," toppling and displacing fixtures... [Read More]
A-list Hollywood star Denzel Washington just opened up about his strong Christian faith like never before when he revealed during an Instagram live chat... [Read More]
The singer Katy Perry just shocked her fans by revealing that she contemplated suicide after her 2017 breakup with "Lord of the Rings" actor Orlando... [Read More]
The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze. [Read More]
Tom Brady has reportedly enraged the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) by continuing to hold workouts with his new Buccaneers teammates despite the fact... [Read More]
In her latest song "Drinking Alone," country music star Carrie Underwood got to show off a sexier side of herself that her fans rarely get... [Read More]
A Massachusetts family just went above and beyond to honor victims of the coronavirus pandemic in the most patriotic way possible. Fox News reported that... [Read More]
Earlier this year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle shocked the world when they announced that they were stepping down as senior members of the British... [Read More]
Swift "came out" two years ago as a radical liberal, and she has since been using her platform to lecture her fans about the importance... [Read More]
Queen Elizabeth just celebrated Armed Forces Day in the United Kingdom by paying a touching tribute to members of the military. Fox News reported that... [Read More]
Gibson has been accused of anti-semitism in the past, most notably during a DUI arrest back in 2006, when he was accused of hurling racist... [Read More]
This comes after another source said that Meghan was "absolutely mortified" with Mulroney's "tone-deaf" threats to Exeter and can "no longer be associated with her." [Read More]
Friday marked the one year anniversary of the death of Beth Chapman, who tragically passed away last year at the age of 51 following a... [Read More]
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