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The minibus crashed at an intersection in Antwerp, Belgium, in the early hours of Sunday morning, killing the 67-year-old driver and injuring 16 passengers. [Read More]
The International Criminal court has today issued an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin over his barbaric invasion of Ukraine. [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Video shows hundreds of disgruntled holidaymakers standing tightly packed together in front of passport barriers at Faro Airport after airport staff called an unscheduled... [Read More]
Putin appeared to be trembling and clutching his seat as he welcomed Xi to the Kremlin today in a sign that the 70-year-old's health is... [Read More]
Wagner warlord Vevgeny Prigozhin has claimed he has been told of a plot spearheaded by Vladimir Putin to undermine and 'neutralise' the feared Russian mercenary... [Read More]
Authorities have now been dispatched a team of doctors to diagnose the illness, with seven cases reported in the northwest region of Kagera. [Read More]
US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters today that Poland's decision to send its Soviet designed fighter jets 'doesn't change our calculus with... [Read More]
Poland will send Soviet-designed MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine in the coming days, making it the first NATO member to fulfill Kyiv's increasingly urgent requests... [Read More]
Gareth Weekes, 77, was on a sailing trip onboard a yacht with his wife Alison in St Vincent and the Grenadines when he drowned. [Read More]
Dr Gunnar Beck, an MEP for the populist Alternative for Germany party, claimed Brexit 'has not gone smoothly due to open sabotage' by Brussels. [Read More]
Local residents reported hearing explosions before the FSB building burst into flames in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don this morning. [Read More]
Local residents reported hearing explosions before the FSB building burst into flames in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don this morning. [Read More]
The $32 million MQ-9 Reaper drone crashed into the Black Sea on Tuesday after being intercepted by the two Russian fighter jets, in what US officials have... [Read More]
Wagner placed a provocative ad on the porn site in which male viewers were told to stop pleasuring themselves and instead join the private army... [Read More]
In a keynote address to the Society of Editors Media Freedom Conference in London on Wednesday, President Zelensky said Ukraine 'needs the world's attention even... [Read More]
As Russia's rhetoric surrounding nuclear warfare continues to escalate, experts have today warned that Vladimir Putin's underwater nuclear torpedo could destroy coastal cities. [Read More]
Leaked audio has appeared to reveal a Russian salvage team within Vladimir Putin's Black Sea Fleet saying they had found the wreckage of the US... [Read More]
Russia has today claimed it has beaten the US in the race to recover Washington's downed Reaper drone from the Black Sea.Leaked audio has appeared... [Read More]
Footage shows the Ukrainian soldiers stalking through a Russian trench in the Donetsk region and shooting dead one of Vladimir Putin's men. [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Tate has today been denied bail by a Romanian judge who ruled he must remain behind bars on sex trafficking charges. [Read More]
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