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A nice little Sunday for Coach Thibs. Kick the Celtics ass, celebrate your birthday, have the group of guys you have playing their ass off... [Read More]
Good for Chad Henne man. I still think he's the best high school football player I actually saw live in person, even better than LeSean... [Read More]
Goddamnit do I love these videos. I think there may not be a bigger myth in college hoops than walk-ons not being able to play.... [Read More]
Some guys have it all man. Sean McVay is one of those guys. I know that I'm old and I shouldn't be surprised when I... [Read More]
Plain and simple, it's one of the rare times that John Calipari just flat out lost a game for Kentucky. This isn't playing the Harrison... [Read More]
I don't need the actual response that Miller is just walking at the same exact speed of the ad banner, just what the fuck is... [Read More]
Welcome back #ReagsReaders. What a fucking slate we have today and honestly this is what I want on Saturday's from here on out. I know... [Read More]
Step aside James Harden, we found a new fat guy taking over the sports world. Meet Gauthier Mvumbi and according to my research he's the... [Read More]
Here I am minding my own business in Cincinnati and I'm getting hit with news of a goddamn polar vortex? It's been warm as shit!... [Read More]
[Source] - Russell Wilson didn't want the Seattle Seahawks to move on from Brian Schottenheimer as their offensive coordinator."If you're asking me if I was in... [Read More]
[Source] - The method, commonly referred to as the S-curve, involves the same first step the committee would normally use, which entails putting the top four... [Read More]
These are all tweets from big J's, I haven't even gotten into the fan portion yet because I don't think our server can hold that... [Read More]
It's actually upsetting we didn't have Shaq and Chuck on TV the night the trade went down. Feel like there needs to be an emergency... [Read More]
[H/t email from Showtime] - On playing for John Calipari… Fox – "Man, it was great. I love 'Cal'. I still talk to 'Cal' to this... [Read More]
[Goal] - "With my dad I'm just so thankful, obviously he was an amazing athlete and I got those genes from him but I'm excited to... [Read More]
[Sun] - As cited by Corriere dello Sport, she said: "What am I willing to do if Lazio win the derby?"I'm ready to dress only with... [Read More]
I can't stop going back and reading these quotes after the James Harden trade. DeMarcus Cousins was ready to pick James Harden's fat ass up... [Read More]
*Spoilers Obviously Ahead. Again, this is your warning* We're going to keep these blogs going. If we can't have No Quitters (RIPIP, send all complaints on... [Read More]
All things considered this was one of the best, funniest and downright awesome endings all wrapped into one and it's all thanks to Mac McClung.... [Read More]
The biggest news I can think of today relating to basketball in the Northeast. We have a program that's attempting to get back to national... [Read More]
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