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COVID booster vaccines will soon be offered to all over 40-year-olds who had their second dose at least three months ago. But should under 40s... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON is set to fold to Emmanuel Macron's demands on fishing tomorrow, in a bid to hold off a trade war with France ahead... [Read More]
THE CONSERVATIVES have taken a hit after a councillor and deputy mayor defected from the party just 10 days before the North Shropshire by-election. Is... [Read More]
EMMANUEL Macron is "throwing his dummy out of the pram", according to Britons mocking the Frenchman's "clown" jibe directed at Boris Johnson. [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON is expected to review Covid rules for Christmas on December 17 once more data on the Omicron variant has been gathered. A new... [Read More]
SINGAPORE will start charging unvaccinated patients for Covid care from Wednesday - should the UK do the same? Vote in our poll. [Read More]
SCOTLAND has been granted an extra £4.6billion in funding, on top of the £41billion Budget the nation is due to receive from Westminster, but SNP... [Read More]
THE Royal Family is a more important institution than the BBC, according to Express.co.uk readers. [Read More]
OLD BEXLEY AND SIDCUP is no longer a safe Tory seat, after Conservative MP Louie French won by just a slim majority. Is this a... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON's plan to switch the UK from using fossil fuels to electricity has been a highly debated choice. A new poll has found that... [Read More]
KATE AND WILLIAM were reported to be planning a tour of the US in 2021, with a stay at the Sussex's Montecito mansion on the... [Read More]
EMMANUEL MACRON called Boris Johnson a "clown" in a private conversation, according to French reports. Do you think mutual respect exists between the two leaders?... [Read More]
THE GOVERNMENT is working to slow the spread of the Omicron Covid variant amid fears of another surge in cases. Would you cancel your Christmas... [Read More]
I'M A CELEBRITY... GET ME OUT OF HERE! will give its first celeb the boot on Sunday night's show. Who do you think will be... [Read More]
THE OMICRON variant has been identified in at least 22 people in the UK, and in response, the Government has brought in a string of... [Read More]
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