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THE BBC has been accused of "selling Scotland out" and sending control of key production space for programming down to London. [Read More]
SCOTLAND would be better off in the Union following record Barnett Formula funding, UK ministers have claimed. [Read More]
EU nations are divided on whether the UK can return to the bloc in a blow for Rejoiners, Brexit vote anniversary polling has revealed. [Read More]
A SAUSAGE row between the UK and EU is set to be resolved within the next week, the Express understands. [Read More]
A ROW has erupted this evening after the UK Government backed a campaign which urges school children to sing a patriotic song celebrating the British... [Read More]
A LANDMARK Brexit treaty between the UK and Gibraltar could soon be agreed after delays caused by Brussels, the Rock's Chief Minister has said. [Read More]
BORIS Johnson has met The Queen for the first time since March 2020 for her weekly audience meeting. [Read More]
SCOTTISH police have admitted they will have difficulty enforcing the Scottish Government's Covid-19 travel ban on parts of northwest England, which critics have branded as... [Read More]
SCOTTISH Nationalist MPs have demanded the devolution of broadcasting powers after BBC English football pundits gloated about their football success during coverage of last weeks... [Read More]
BREXIT BRITAIN is forging a new energy partnership with Norway, the first of its kind with a non-EU member state. [Read More]
A CONSTITUTIONAL battle could be set to erupt as Scotland gives benefits to all EU citizens living north of the border - despite many not... [Read More]
THE UK is the most attractive place in Europe for financial services despite Brexit, as London puts pressure on Brussels to grant an equivalence deal... [Read More]
IRISH fishermen are to stage an angry protest in Dublin over claims the Dublin Government "sold out trawlermen to the EU". [Read More]
GERMANY was waded into a row over resolving the implementation of the controversial Northern Ireland Protocol. [Read More]
RISHI Sunak has been warned over plans to suspend the pensions "triple lock" for 12 months. [Read More]
THE Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been forced to pay out £6.5 million per annum to Armed Forces personnel to prevent them from being hit... [Read More]
BRITAIN will bask in 27C heat as high pressure is set to dominate the British weather scene for the start of July, the latest maps... [Read More]
THE SNP-led Scottish Government has allocated £6 million of Scottish taxpayers' money funding overseas offices in a bid to boost their foreign presence. [Read More]
THE UK has held bilateral talks with Greenland to start the process of agreeing to a bilateral trade agreement with the Arctic nation, Express.co.uk can... [Read More]
AN ATTACK on a Scottish Tory councillor's property by firebomb thugs for a third has been condemned by cops and MSPs as "willful". [Read More]
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