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Couric recalls discovering her late mother, Elinor, weeping after some friends made antisemitic remarks, and yet not explaining that she was wounded because she was... [Read More]
The national Sunrise Movement, an environmental advocacy group, said that a statement by its Washington D.C. chapter was "unacceptable and antisemitic" because it called for... [Read More]
A Democrat in Virginia's legislature blamed Israel for "fossil fuel" wars, including the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s and the 2003 Iraq war, and said... [Read More]
The Sunrise Movement, a national youth group devoted to advocating against human-caused climate change, said it did not have advance notice of a statement by... [Read More]
Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee for governor of Virginia, accused liberal Jewish billionaire George Soros of "inserting" political activists into the school system "disguised as... [Read More]
The Washington D.C. branch of a national climate action group turned down a role at a voting rights rally because a "number of Zionist organizations"... [Read More]
The next time Israel tries to land a spacecraft on the moon, it will have some neighborly help. [Read More]
The two nations hope to collaborate on a 2024 mission to the moon, where flags from both countries would be planted. [Read More]
WASHINGTON (JTA) –Rachel Levine made history in March when she assumed the role of assistant secretary for health, becoming the first known transgender person to... [Read More]
Hulu has nabbed the rights to air the eight-episode variety series, a sequel to the classic 1981 film. [Read More]
He was also the first military chief to speak Yiddish as a second language, and he loved surprising Jews with his skill. [Read More]
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