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"I think she has started to feel like she could move on." [Read More]
"You worry that time is gone." [Read More]
"We're just a lot more like Polka Dot Man that we are like Captain America." [Read More]
Clint Barton returns later this year. [Read More]
"There were aspirations to continue the character." [Read More]
"She's trying to hold this joystick with Vinny." [Read More]
"Marvel superheroes are burdened by being heroes." [Read More]
We're glad this idea did not pass. [Read More]
Has he made the wrong enemy? [Read More]
Will he be able to clear the air? [Read More]
The hit series will return for its final season in September. [Read More]
The actor is joined by a Harry Potter star. [Read More]
A moment with sister Zara gives him an idea. [Read More]
Martine faces a tough choice. [Read More]
The character could play a key role following that big season 2 twist. [Read More]
More crazy costumes await this September. [Read More]
"I would be first in line." [Read More]
"I knew there would be some skeptical people." [Read More]
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