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Tucker said states are trying to "bribe the dummies" with free food and state lotteries in exchange for vaccines... [Read More]
Elon Musk's net worth has plunged roughly $20 billion since he appeared as the host of "Saturday Night Live" last week. [Read More]
Lemon calls D.C. police officer Michael Fanone who was attacked by rioters a "hero" [Read More]
The "Joe Budden Podcast" is now "100000% over," Budden says... [Read More]
Bollywood actress Veena Malik deleted a tweet posted May 11 that was a fake quote from Adolf Hitler supporting the Holocaust. [Read More]
A 28 year-old was arrested after sneaking into a Miami high school and posing as a student in order to boost her Instagram following. [Read More]
Tucker parroted the conspiracy theory that Fauci started the coronavirus pandemic... [Read More]
The SNL star said he lost his sense of smell, one of the virus' symptoms... [Read More]
"Leave us the f--- alone," Aduba says about white people questioning Black hairstyles... [Read More]
R&B singer and songwriter Lloyd Price, known for his hit songs "Personality" and "Lawdy Miss Clawdy," died May 3. He was 88 years old. [Read More]
"You listen to Marvin Gaye, this album right here, he's singing to you," the acclaimed director tells Don Lemon... [Read More]
Spike Lee was a key component in making CNN's documentary "What's Going On: Marvin Gaye's Anthem for the Ages" [Read More]
Stelter says the U.S. is "suffering from a bad case of Foxitis" because of Tucker... [Read More]
Carlson aired a dramatic reading of Abrams' novel "Hidden Sins" on Friday... [Read More]
Netflix said it would no longer work with Golden Globes group without a 'clear roadmap for change'... [Read More]
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