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More people died from firearm injuries in the United States last year than in any other year since at least 1968, according to new data... [Read More]
The restaurant said Mr. Niccolini, who had faced allegations of sexual misconduct, had not honored a commitment to "seek help and change his behavior.''... [Read More]
When a federal judge in Texas struck down the Affordable Care Act on Friday, ruling that its mandate requiring most people to buy health insurance... [Read More]
In a bold move, Minneapolis became the first major city in the country to approve a plan to end single-family zoning citywide. [Read More]
Brock Long will have to reimburse the government for misusing government vehicles to travel to and from his home — but will keep his job. [Read More]
Shawn Richard Christy, 26, a self-described survivalist, evaded the authorities for three months before he was arrested on Friday, the authorities said. [Read More]
Are they or aren't they? For decades, we've wondered: Are Bert and Ernie gay? The iconic "Sesame Street" duo live together, share a bedroom and... [Read More]
Mark Saltzman said he wrote the iconic muppets as a "loving couple." Sesame Workshop says they're "best friends." We may never know for sure. [Read More]
The Dallas County district attorney said prosecutors were investigating the shooting death of Botham Shem Jean and would present their findings to a grand jury. [Read More]
Lawyer of victim's family challenges key details of officer's 'extremely bizarre and self-serving' account... [Read More]
Officer Amber Guyger, 30, who shot and killed a neighbor, Botham Shem Jean, was arrested on Sunday night. She has said she mistook his apartment... [Read More]
Images of Tyler Linfesty behind President Trump at a rally looking incredulous during his speech gained widespread attention. But how did he end up in... [Read More]
Anthony Ander will also not be charged, due to a lack of evidence, according to court records. [Read More]
Anthony Ander will also not be charged, due to a lack of evidence, according to court records. [Read More]
The statute of limitations had already passed in separate allegations against Kevin Spacey and Steven Seagal, but a task force is still reviewing others allegations... [Read More]
The National Museum of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro housed a collection of more than 20 million items, including Egyptian mummies, dinosaur fossils and the... [Read More]
A 10-person task force has been set up to try to catch the person responsible for mutilating and killing at least 12 cats in and... [Read More]
A $5,000 first edition inscribed by Jefferson seemed like a steal. It was. The trail shows how thieves unloaded an $8 million Carnegie Library trove. [Read More]
"I've had all the harassment I can take," the man told a neighbor after the attack on the official, a code enforcement officer, the police... [Read More]
Quick answers to your questions about mistrials, pardons, impeachment and more. [Read More]