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There are groups in the United States trying to remake the education system. As part of this, they're ... [Read More]
This is a special backgrounder episode of Life & Times. In February this year, a large-scale, active heroin ... [Read More]
As a result of the year-long, state-mandated shutdowns and lack of clear guidelines for business meetings, conferences, and ... [Read More]
If former President Barack Obama had not consistently played the race card, George Floyd might still be alive. ... [Read More]
Japan's Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga becomes the first foreign leader to be hosted at the White House since ... [Read More]
Mike Lindell of MyPillow announced the launch of his new social media platform for April 19, 2021, and ... [Read More]
Taiwan says it would work with the United States to deter military threats from Beijing. The Taiwanese president ... [Read More]
In the early hours of April 12, four intruders wielding sledgehammers and other weapons barged into the printing ... [Read More]
California received $26 billion, including $8.4 billion that will be divided among local cities through the American Rescue ... [Read More]
The Biden administration is looking to roll back former President Donald Trump's tax reforms, while also putting into ... [Read More]
A U.S. intelligence report lists the Chinese communist regime as the top threat to America. President Joe Biden ... [Read More]
A group of men armed with sledgehammers and a knife forced their way into the Epoch Times printing ... [Read More]
American and European politicians condemn attacks against The Epoch Times printing house in Hong Kong, after masked men ... [Read More]
"This view that there is no truth, but only power has emanated through and infected...our whole cultural and ... [Read More]
It's time to examine Georgia's new voting laws that are supposedly "racist." You know, the law that Coca-Cola's ... [Read More]
The Chinese government is advancing its plans to overtake Taiwan. This comes amid frequent incursions into Taiwanese air ... [Read More]
California is one of the largest states for human trafficking. My guest is Greg Jones. He is a ... [Read More]
The Epoch Times' printing facility was attacked once again—this time by masked men wielding sledgehammers. Facts Matter is ... [Read More]
The Epoch Times' printing house in Hong Kong was attacked Sunday night. Intruders swung hammers to smash printers. ... [Read More]
Donald Trump is predicting that Republicans will retake Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024. And ... [Read More]
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