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Joe Biden sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes host Norah O'Donnell and it didn't go well. Biden 'confused' his agenda during the 60... [Read More]
77-year-old Joe Biden on Sunday evening participated in a virtual event after calling a lid all day just 9 days until Election Day. It didn't... [Read More]
Why does Kamala Harris cackle every time she speaks? Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris sat down for an interview with 60 Minutes host Norah... [Read More]
President Trump made an "off the record" visit to Levant, Maine Sunday afternoon after his MAGA rally in New Hampshire. The President's visit to Maine... [Read More]
Kamala Harris traveled to Detroit, Michigan on Sunday while Joe Biden hid in his basement with 9 days until Election Day. Just look at this... [Read More]
Joe Biden on Sunday morning called a lid and shut down for the day with 9 days until Election Day. Biden is hiding in his... [Read More]
President Trump is holding a massive MAGA rally in Manchester, New Hampshire on Sunday. The Granite State is in play in 2020! The rally is... [Read More]
Tony Bobulinski Hunter associate and whistleblower Tony Bobulinski found out in the Senate report that Jim Biden and Hunter Biden went behind his back and... [Read More]
77-year-old Joe Biden traveled to Bucks County, Pennsylvania on Saturday to deliver remarks at a drive-in rally. Biden snapped at Trump supporters on Saturday and... [Read More]
Democrat vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris campaigned in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday as Joe Biden was in Pennsylvania calling Trump supporters "chumps." Kamala Harris was... [Read More]
Is Joe Biden ok? Joe Biden traveled to Pennsylvania on Saturday to encourage people to vote early. Biden's first stop in Bucks County, PA didn't... [Read More]
New emails released from Hunter Biden's laptop from hell reveals Hunter was worried his business partner tied to the Chinese Communist Party would "rat" to... [Read More]
President Trump is holding a total of three rallies on Saturday as we head into the final week of the 2020 election season. Trump voted... [Read More]
That awkward moment when a Biden drive-in rally turns into a Trump rally. Joe Biden on Saturday delivered remarks at a drive-in rally in Bristol,... [Read More]
77-year-old Joe Biden hit the campaign trail with his handler wife Jill on Saturday and delivered remarks in Bristol, Pennsylvania. At one point, Joe aimlessly... [Read More]
President Trump wrapped up his first rally on Friday in The Villages in Florida and traveled to Pensacola for his second rally of the day... [Read More]
President Trump is holding two massive rallies in Florida on Friday after he crushed Joe Biden in the final presidential debate Thursday night. Trump's first... [Read More]
They're panicking. Joe Biden really screwed up last night during the debate when he fell right into President Trump's trap and admitted he will shut... [Read More]
Joe Biden on Friday delivered remarks on the Coronavirus from Wilmington, Delaware. 77-year-old Joe Biden said, "I'm not going to shut down the economy, I'm... [Read More]
Pennsylvania's Supreme Court on Friday prohibited counties from rejecting ballots if the voter's signature doesn't match the signature on their voter registration. This is another... [Read More]
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