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"Usually when we go back into the purple, no one comes in for like four or five days," said Richard Burns, senior server at Gallagher's... [Read More]
"Given the length of period of time that Mr. Starritt has been in without being transported, I would ask that he be re-evaluated for competency... [Read More]
Google's Jan. 1 COVID-19 mobility report shows its Humboldt County users stayed home about 15% longer on New Year's Eve compared to their baseline home... [Read More]
"We need to be able to treat people with pain," Dr. Corinne Basch said. [Read More]
"We do hope that this vaccine campaign will allow us to get back to normal life," Humboldt County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hoffman said, "and... [Read More]
"Seven or eight has been kind of an average number that we've kind of expected over the years," Humboldt County Sheriff William Honsal said. "Obviously... [Read More]
Attorney Rich Dalrymple, representing the employee Charity Adams, said in Humboldt County Superior Court civil proceeding on Friday that the case against Robert Alan Mott,... [Read More]
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