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The AI predicts which parts of the face should be altered by age by 'looking' at an image of the actor. It then adds effects like... [Read More]
This summer's drought has increased the cost of the average Christmas tree to nearly $100. Farms across the US report lost tens of thousands of... [Read More]
The wormhole was created by scientists simulating two black holes in the quantum computer, one on each side of the system, and used the holographic... [Read More]
Scientists found Richard's ground squirrels that live in Canada have been waking from hibernation earlier due to climate change causing warmer winters and this is... [Read More]
The two newly discovered minerals have been named elaliite and elkinstantonite, and were found in a a single two-ounce slice of the 14-ton meteorite that... [Read More]
Barbara is only one of three pregnant T-rex fossils ever found. The remains were unearthed in the Hell Creek Formation of northwestern Montana and will... [Read More]
News of the data dump was announced by a cybersecurity expert, who posted it on his Twitter account. However, Chad Loder's account was suspended a... [Read More]
More than 5.4 million Twitter user records, including personal phone numbers and email addresses, are up for grabs on the dark web in a massive... [Read More]
Chile's Atacama Desert is being threatened by piles of trash dumped there from around the world, which is also damaging scientific research. This area is... [Read More]
Octopuses have a large variety of gene regulators in their bran that is similar to the human brain. Experts say it is because they both... [Read More]
The video was taken by a satellite observing the outer surface of the sun when the moon moved by. It shrouded the sun in a... [Read More]
Bloomberg reports Beyond Meat's Pennsylvania processing plant has had Listeria and mold outbreaks during the second half of last year and the first half of... [Read More]
Cheetahs, hyenas and wild dogs are on the brink of extinction due to humans activities, but these dwindling populations have gone unnoticed due to a... [Read More]
Cannabis plants are capable of absorbing 16 tons of greenhouse gas annually, which is more than twice the amount as trees, and experts say hemp... [Read More]
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