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MADELEINE Madeleine McCann prime suspect is an "evil psychopath" who's "capable of taking a small child", a former partner-in-crime has revealed. Manfred  Seyferth, 64, also... [Read More]
HORRIFIC video shows a crab being cooked alive and set on fire on a grill as it writhes in agony. The footage taken in a... [Read More]
TENSIONS between Taiwan and China are mounting as Beijing's forces hold massive wargames on the island's doorstep. Chinese air force planes violated Taiwanese airspace 17... [Read More]
NEW satellite images show China's third and biggest aircraft carrier beginning to take shape. The outline can be seen of the powerful new vessel China... [Read More]
AN AMERICAN woman who went on a pub crawl after being told to self-isolate is facing 10 years in prison. The 26-year-old woman – who... [Read More]
MADELEINE McCann prime suspect Christian B had an accomplice when he abducted the toddler, a Portuguese TV show claims. Sexta As 9 is set to... [Read More]
THE parents of an adorable baby boy born with birthmarks on 80 per cent of his body were told they could leave him in hospital... [Read More]
MADELEINE McCann prime suspect Christian B is hoping the disgraced cop who led the probe into her disappearance will clear him. Goncalo Amaral has now... [Read More]
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