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In a recent discussion, a group of financial analysts argued that Disney might cancel the theatrical release of Mulan if cinemas fail to open nationwide. [Read More]
A behind the scenes documentary of Disney's The Mandalorian revealed early concept design for Baby Yoda, and it's surprisingly horrifying. [Read More]
According to sources close to WGTC, the main cast of Netflix's adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender will be made up entirely by people of... [Read More]
According to a recent report, the Snyder Cut of Justice League will cost upwards of $80 million dollars to complete, but why is that? [Read More]
According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, Warner Bros. has no current plans to move forward with the Harley Quinn character after Birds of Prey disappointed. [Read More]
In search of clues about a rumored Harry Potter RPG, a group of Redditers searched the website of a prominent developer and made an interesting... [Read More]
Netflix's newest docuseries about a notorious sex offender is eliciting powerful responses from viewers online, and understandably so. [Read More]
According to sources close to WGTC, Netflix is setting up their live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation to be the streamer's Game of Thrones. [Read More]
Henry Cavill will indeed reprise his role as Superman in the DCEU at some point, and fans couldn't be happier about that. [Read More]
According to an industry insider, Resident Evil 8, which was supposedly scheduled for a January 2021 release, may be delayed due to the coronavirus. [Read More]
Appearantly, several Middle Eastern countries have banned the upcoming zombie apocalypse game The Last of Us Part II from being sold within their borders. [Read More]
In a recent interview, the screenwriter behind Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ implied they're working on a sequel focused on the resurrection. [Read More]
In a recent interview with RNZ, Avatar 2 producer John Landau disclosed a few of the sequel's plot details and we couldn't be more stoked. [Read More]
In a Tweet posted Tuesday evening, Regal Cinemas announced it was not planning to reopen its US locations anytime soon despite the economy restarting. [Read More]
While appearing on a podcast, Zack Snyder thanked and applauded fans who raised money for mental health while demanding his cut of Justice League. [Read More]
Appearantly, the head writer of the Pokémon anime planned for protagonist Ash Ketchum to age over the course of his adventures, and even die at... [Read More]
According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, Disney is planning on turning its beloved Kingdom Hearts video game series into a TV show for Dinsey+. [Read More]
Did you know that Aang and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender are related? This shocking fact, mentioned only briefly in the show, is often... [Read More]
Marvel's Spider-Man is currently available on PlayStation Now, but rumor has it that the game will stick around for next month's PS Plus offering, too. [Read More]
According to one of the combat designers, Square Enix's upcoming Avengers video game will give players the ability to wall run when they play as... [Read More]
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