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Ka Mauri Harrison was taking a test during his online fourth-grade class earlier this month when he noticed the teacher frantically waving at him. His... [Read More]
As authorities in suburban Milwaukee gamed out the complex preparations to allow children back into classrooms amid the coronavirus pandemic, they didn't plan for one... [Read More]
When a police cruiser rolled up to a house party in Sudbury, Mass., earlier this month, teens sprinted into the woods, chucking beer cans as... [Read More]
As sheriff in Falls County, Texas, Ricky Scaman cast himself as a tough, cowboy-hat-wearing lawman willing to sacrifice his body to personally catch bad guys.... [Read More]
"Unfortunately an early draft of a revision went up without any technical review," one official said. [Read More]
On Monday morning the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention swiftly edited its web page describing how the novel coronavirus spreads, removing recently added language... [Read More]
For months, scientists and public health experts have warned of mounting evidence that the novel coronavirus is airborne, transmitted through tiny droplets called aerosols that... [Read More]
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