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A MAN has opened-up about a profound experience of the afterlife he believes happened when he nearly died, involving an encounter with Jesus Christ. [Read More]
UFO enthusiasts have been excitedly analysing archive NASA photos they believe depict an alien base on planet Mercury. [Read More]
ANOTHER equinox will arrive this week. Here is everything you need to know about the 2020 autumn equinox, from its time to its symbolic significance. [Read More]
5G has fallen foul of conspiracy theorists for its unproven ability to transmit coronavirus. But a UFO hunter is now spreading the fake news the... [Read More]
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) systems face a fundamental threat due to the influence of inherent bias, an expert has warned. [Read More]
SPACE agency NASA has revealed an extraordinary new theory suggesting the Moon was actually formed by an apocalyptic collision. [Read More]
A WOMAN has controversially recounted her experience of the afterlife, where she claims to have met with Jesus Christ. [Read More]
ALIEN life experts at US-based space agency NASA have found the possible presence of fresh ice on the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus. [Read More]
ASTEROID trackers at US space agency NASA have announced a brace of rogue space rocks are about to safely skim past our planet. [Read More]
UFO hunters have excitedly shared an extraordinary new video purporting to show an alien craft over the US. [Read More]
NASA has now listed the planets in the solar system most likely to host alien life. [Read More]
YOUR daily horoscope this Sunday primarily involves an Opposition, a Trine and a Square - here is how these will affect your horoscope today. [Read More]
YOUR daily horoscope this Saturday primarily involves the Libra Moon - here is how this will impact your horoscope today. [Read More]
A MAN has recounted how his brush with life after death led to a purportedly profound religious experience. [Read More]
UFO hunters believe they have spotted an extraordinary object in the supposed alien hotspot Area 51 via a Google Maps satellite photo. [Read More]
ALIEN life experts have designed cutting-edge technology they claim will one day detect evidence of extraterrestrials. [Read More]
THE Autumnal equinox is about to arrive as tree's leaves turn a rusty red colour. But what exactly is the Autumn equinox? [Read More]
YOUR daily horoscope this Thursday finds the arrival of an eagerly-anticipated Virgo New Supermoon - here is how this will transform your horoscope today. [Read More]
CYBORGS are now one step closer to becoming a reality after a landmark new study reveals people's willingness to try the cutting-edge tech. [Read More]
A NEW MOON is about to arrive in the skies. Some astrologers suggest this part of the lunar cycle can influence your horoscope. Here is... [Read More]
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