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IAN BLACKFORD was left furious after Prime Minister Boris Johnson used a reference to cake eating to fend off demands for him to resign. [Read More]
A LABOUR MP was forced to withdraw a brutal attack on the Prime Minister after branding him a "Mad Hatter" and a "liar". [Read More]
A UKRAINIAN solider has revealed "information policies" to influence citizens in Russian-occupied Crimea and Donbas are the only way her country can take back control. [Read More]
LORD Andrew Adonis has claimed there was a "potential majority to stop Brexit" if Britain had called a second Referendum on its decision to leave... [Read More]
A BBC panel erupted in laughter after a French journalist launched a brutal takedown of Prime Minister Boris Johnson branding him a "terrible partner" for... [Read More]
VETERAN BREXITEER Ann Widdecombe lost her cool at Chief Brexit negotiator Liz Truss as she demanded Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol is triggered... [Read More]
CONSERVATIVE MP Michael Fabricant has claimed it is "hardly obvious" that Nus Ghani is a Muslim and it was a "lame excuse" to accuse Tory... [Read More]
BELGIAN riot police have fired tear gas and unleashed water cannon on demonstrators in Brussels following protests against the country's draconian COVID-19 restrictions. [Read More]
A SCOTTISH Conservative has accused the SNP of mishandling the NHS so poorly that people are "dying needlessly". [Read More]
LBC's Andrew Pierce savaged an anti-vax NHS midwife after she claimed she was willing to sacrifice almost twenty years of a career because she does... [Read More]
PRINCE ANDREW'S taxpayer funded security detail will be the "next thing to be addressed" following the loss of his honours, according to a royal expert. [Read More]
THE QUEEN has been accused of taking "a long time" to strip Prince Andrew of his titles compared to the swift action taken in removing... [Read More]
A FORMER spy has told Express.co.uk that Russian President Vladimir Putin is willing to mobilise elite special forces units to attack his own troops and... [Read More]
A RETIRED surgeon has told Britons they "should have no concerns" over un-vaccinated NHS staff as a row over mandatory vaccines for health workers has... [Read More]
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