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While it's unknown if this case will result in gun control legislation, cases like it can and will create regulations that impact the rest of... [Read More]
A political insider weighs in on the likelihood of constitutional carry passing in Alabama. It doesn't look good, though, which raises an important question. [Read More]
The panel was nothing but gun control advocates, lacking any voice opposing any of the measures talked about. And a public university paid for it. [Read More]
The House passed a bill this week that would allow the government to strip guns from some who haven't been convicted of any crime. [Read More]
Kaitlin Bennett made a surprise visit to Ohio State University's campus. It did not go well. That should be expected in this day and age,... [Read More]
A number of Democrats broke ranks and sided with Republicans in killing a particularly egregious assault weapon ban. The Lobby Day protest played a role... [Read More]
All the talk of closing the so-called "boyfriend loophole" isn't really about keeping women safe. It's about gun control and nothing else. [Read More]
A number of people who survived or where otherwise touched by church shootings are now pro-gun political candidates. [Read More]
The man threatened several Trump supporters holding signs supporting the president. Frankly, the suspect is lucky to be alive. [Read More]
The famed filmmaker blames the NRA for the recent violence in Chicago, but as he should know, the violence centers around people who aren't NRA... [Read More]
Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn't think there's all that much to farming. That disconnect is why he doesn't understand guns, either. [Read More]
Anti-gunners will grab hold of any data or supposed evidence that will "prove" their point, but none will dissuade them from their position, no matter... [Read More]
The governor of New York has worked hard against residents' gun rights in recent years, but it seems that he's not done trampling over civil... [Read More]
In what looks to be an unreported finding, Gallup lists support for new gun control regulations as amounting to fewer than half the public. [Read More]
Rhode Island isn't satisfied with its draconian gun requirements as they stand. No, they want to lower the boom on gun owners even further. [Read More]
Jimenez Arms has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy following a lawsuit by Kansas City along with a Bloomberg-backed group. [Read More]
March Four Our Lives opted to stage a protest inside the office of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office. In the process, they accomplished nothing. [Read More]
In addition to a massive spike in the cost for a FOID in the state, the director wants all gun buyers to be subjected to... [Read More]
A controversy in California reminds us of one very important fact. In that state, a lot of records are public regarding gun permits. Is that... [Read More]
Sen. Bernie Sanders has a history of pro-gun positions. Now he's saying some very different things. So much for his supposed consistency on the issues. [Read More]
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