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A new study has found a significant link between stronger memory and reading in older adults. [Read More]
The mucus is present not just in the nose but in every moist surface of the body, such as the lungs, sinuses, mouth, stomach, intestines,... [Read More]
The 12th and last full moon of the year will peak on Wednesday at 11:09 p.m. ET... [Read More]
Small lakes have turned out to be a more menacing issue. [Read More]
Researchers of a recent study analyzed data from approximately 40,000 people who were hospitalized for a particular type of stroke. [Read More]
This case brought to notice a very rare consequence of shingles infection. [Read More]
"There is no one solution that will be applicable everywhere. If we follow this path the future is manageable. Equally, if governments and society ignore... [Read More]
"Time is more than what the clock says, it is how we feel or value it as a resource," co-author Adam K. Anderson said. [Read More]
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