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Honestly, this "Vax-free" restaurant will probably be packed to the rafters... [Read More]
This sham hearing should be sponsored by Kleenex... [Read More]
Gloves were off! [Read More]
Oh he went there... [Read More]
Okay, enough is enough...Someone needs to step in and put an end to this madness, NOW... [Read More]
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The numbers look so bad for Lisa Murkowski, that she's better off just retiring at this point... [Read More]
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream seems increasingly more interested in getting political than churning out ice cream. Once again, the radical owners of the... [Read More]
Could this be a second French Revolution? [Read More]
Can you seriously blame Don Jr.? I think we all feel this way... [Read More]
Trump always has a "colorful" way of putting things...warning: language... [Read More]
People are calling this a "chokefest"...Maybe less kneeling and more practicing, eh guys? [Read More]
HA HA HA...President Trump really nailed this one good... [Read More]
The look of horror on this news anchor's face says it all... [Read More]
How can you be the most popular candidate in history, but less popular than the guy you supposedly beat? [Read More]
At this point, much of the conservative movement has voiced their concerns about Bill Barr, with some even believing his actions (or non actions) were... [Read More]
This was hard to watch…... [Read More]
This opens up a Pandora's box... [Read More]
This is becoming a real nightmare for Governor Fancy Hair... [Read More]
Journo says he knows why Fox News is suddenly pushing the vax... [Read More]
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