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Researchers from UC Berkeley and other top universities released a study called "The Return to Protectionism" earlier this month concerning the costs and benefits of... [Read More]
Researchers at Breakthrough Listen, a UC Berkeley-based research initiative, are using artificial intelligence, or AI, to discover new fast radio bursts in an ongoing effort... [Read More]
This year, UCLA took the sole No. 1 title in the ranking for the first time. UC Berkeley's tie with UCLA in last year's ranking... [Read More]
Realtex, the developer interested in building a 50-unit housing complex on 2902 Adeline St., will continue with its proposed project after a petition against its... [Read More]
Campus molecular biology and biochemistry professor Jennifer Doudna was awarded the 2018 Kavli Prize in nanoscience for her role in discovering CRISPR, a revolutionary gene-editing... [Read More]
After attempting to develop 1900 Fourth St. for more than four years, West Berkeley Investors ultimately decided to not develop the site Aug. 23. [Read More]
UC Berkeley researchers announced last week that they have discovered water clouds in Jupiter's atmosphere that offer insight into solar system formation. [Read More]
UC Berkeley researchers released a report detailing current and future effects of climate change on the Bay Area Monday morning. [Read More]
Droughts may even the playing field for marginalized species, according to a newly released study co-authored by UC Berkeley researchers. [Read More]
The Parker Solar Probe, or PSP, was launched into space Aug. 12. Two of its four instruments, FIELDS and SWEAP, were built by campus researchers. [Read More]
The 2018 UC Accountability Report demonstrates the UC's progress toward its goals of increasing student populations, despite decreased state funding. [Read More]
The Bear's Lair, located at 2495 Bancroft Way, will undergo a change in ownership, according to a public notice posted May 26. [Read More]
A research team at Berkeley Lab is working on a project to create a next-generation supercomputer to predict earthquake effects. [Read More]
UC Berkeley Extension partnered with Global Alumni, a Spanish-American educational technology company, on June 26 to offer courses fully taught in Spanish. [Read More]
A team of UC Berkeley researchers successfully tested a solar-powered water harvester that collected water from the air in the Arizona desert. [Read More]
The study concluded that the data set can help researchers understand how different scenarios affect current self-driving car programs. [Read More]
Sowerwine said she works with underserved groups, primarily Native Americans and refugees, to ensure all of California is food secure. [Read More]
Kate Harrison, the incumbent for Berkeley City Council District 4 seat, is embarking on her re-election campaign, hoping to continue her work. [Read More]
Botterill came to UC Berkeley from England in 1986 to become an assistant professor, according to Albert Russell Ascoli, a colleague of Botterill's. [Read More]
Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett released an online voter engagement platform May 17 to promote his campaign for state Assembly District 15. [Read More]