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Federal prosecutors broke the law when they signed a plea bargain with Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire who was convicted in 2008 of soliciting a teenage... [Read More]
Actor Jussie Smollett laid out vivid instructions for how the men he allegedly hired should accost him in a hate crime hoax, including that they... [Read More]
Prosecutors have asked police to conduct a deeper investigation before they decide whether to file charges against a security guard who shot and wounded a... [Read More]
Police are investigating a homicide in Satsuma late Thursday evening. Satsuma Police say the shooter is still on the loose. [Read More]
The policeman accused of orchestrating an altered statement in the Silk-Miller murder investigation has denied lying to a corruption inquiry and shifted blame onto another... [Read More]
A Middletown man, who is legally blind, told police a friend withdrew $1,000 from his bank account t... [Read More]
According to the Nelson County Sheriff's Office, David Works was apprehended a few hours after he escaped due to vigilant citizens who reported seeing him. [Read More]
Metro Police responded to thousands of violent crime calls at the Z-Mart and Staff Zone on Lafayette Street now neighbors hear the future plans for... [Read More]
Police have identified a body found in an arroyo as a 16-year-old girl. [Read More]
Candles lit Thursday night on Northern Illinois University's campus remembering their own. [Read More]
Mario Clark's death is ruled a homicide according to State Medical Examiner. His family says, they already knew. [Read More]
The two crimes come not long after two men were arrested in the murder of a university student. [Read More]
Joe Lopez said he's backing out, but the concert will go on without him. [Read More]
The St. Joe Valley Conservation Club has rescheduled its youth shooting sports and YSSF signup and parent meeting to Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the... [Read More]
In the last week, six people have been killed in domestic violence incidents in Hinds County. [Read More]
A Fayetteville family said they hope to never see their daughter's killer walk the streets ever again. Four-year-old Barbie Thompson was sexually assaulted and murdered... [Read More]
It paints a fuller picture of the moments immediately after the shooting.        ... [Read More]
Police attempted to stop a Jeep for a traffic violation just west of the County Road 17 exit Wednesday afternoon around 4:35. [Read More]