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From the blog of Moshe-Mordechai van Zuiden at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
Botswana's High Court has ruled that private consensual sex between adults of the same sex is no longer criminal. The decision gives hope to lesbian,... [Read More]
Frederick County has expanded its anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy to protect LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) and pregnant employees from discrimination and to provide more... [Read More]
Asylum-seekers who arrive at the southern border and claim to be LGBT are exempt from the U.S.-Mexico "Remain in Mexico" policy and will not be... [Read More]
Kopita is a falafel and hummus bar. [Read More]
HILLSBORO, N.D. - The Traill County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a man says he was attacked outside a Hillsboro bar for being gay. [Read More]
Courtesy Jeremy Daniel Chris Urch's play, The Rolling Stone, written in 2013, is set in Kampala, Uganda, in 2010. You don't know that immediately (unless... [Read More]
Blac Chyna and her attorney filed her declaration in support of a special motion to drop a complaint against her filed by Pilot Jones, [Read More]
Bank extending health insurance coverage, relocation expenses to all 'domestic partners' in India. [Read More]
Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen aren't sure whether their characters in Disney's 'The Lion King' are gay, but say that more family films should include... [Read More]
The ceremony was supposed to happen Monday afternoon. [Read More]
Then-Gov. Terry Branstad discriminated against a state employee - asking for his resignation and then cutting his pay - based on the employee's sexual orientation,... [Read More]
Primary schools have been "hung out to dry" by local and national political leaders in the row over LGBT teaching in Birmingham, a prominent rights... [Read More]
Elliot Resnick's comments were the focus Saturday of a piece published on Medium by Chaim Levin, an advocate for LGBTQ acceptance in the Orthodox community. [Read More]
A government employee asked two asylum seekers for intimate details. The government didn't want you to know about it. [Read More]
"After I had been asked to resign twice, after my pay was slashed, I felt obviously personally attacked," Chris Godfrey, testified during the trial.      ... [Read More]
Reichen Kuhl is active in organizations around the world that campaign for peace, justice, and equality. A regular volunteer and activist in the LGBTQ community,... [Read More]
Xavier Bettel, who is openly gay, says he cannot support an ambassador representing a government with a senior member supporting 'conversion therapy'... [Read More]
William Dannemeyer, a former Orange County congressman who spent much of his career fighting gay rights and helped cement Orange County's reputation as a bastion... [Read More]
"Euphoria" star Jacob Elordi tells TheWrap his thoughts on Nate's sexuality and where things are headed for him and Mady next week. [Read More]