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Who will receive the mandate to form a new government... [Read More]
La compañía eléctrica nacional de Israel comenzó a reducir el suministro de energía a las áreas palestinas de Cisjordania debido a una disputa financiera, anunció... [Read More]
The ultra-Orthodox party dramatically raised its voter share in towns and cities in the periphery by targeting religiously traditional voters who may have left Shas... [Read More]
Herzog served in many positions in goverment before arriving at his current position at the Jewish Agency... [Read More]
Israel's national electric company says it has begun reducing power supplies to Palestinian areas of the occupied West Bank due to a financial dispute. [Read More]
Police launch investigation after 13-year-old confides in father... [Read More]
Iran says any retaliatory strikes from US or Saudi Arabia will lead to 'all-out war'... [Read More]
Israel was set for crucial discussions Sunday on who should try to form the next government as last week's deadlocked... [Read More]
A Gaza zoo closed after a long campaign of international opposition has reopened, with conditions seemingly as bad as ever. [Read More]
Plus, a battle over California's right to make its own car pollution rules. [Read More]
India News: Notwithstanding the biggest-ever attacks on its oil facilities, Saudi Arabia has said it is committed to meet India's energy security needs. "India co... [Read More]
'After I left the operation room, the effects of the anaesthetic had worn off and the pain came again and it was even more awful.... [Read More]
Egyptian security forces clashed with hundreds of anti-government protesters in the port city of Suez, firing tear gas and live rounds. [Read More]
Carter also wanted to avoid any negative impact on the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, which was just a year old at the time,... [Read More]
Last week, two of Saudi Aramco's oil facilities were targeted by drones, forcing the oil company to close its Abqaiq and Khurais refineries. While Yemen's... [Read More]
Food sales in Israel leading up to the holidays are estimated at NIS 7.5 billion ($2.1b.), of which around NIS 1.9b. ($538m.) is thrown away,... [Read More]
"The important thing," he told 101.5 FM radio, "is that we are committed to remove Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from power." [Read More]
"Struggling with the modern balance of today's personal and professional lives, these motivational speeches help us to gain clarity," [Read More]
"We have been assured, that as of the next international game of Iran, women will be allowed to enter football stadiums," he said. [Read More]