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Bruce Willis as a veteran cop trying to protect a hospitalized young woman from a pair of killers. [Read More]
Edmonton Oilers' star Connor McDavid has a special burden as the best player in the NHL trying to get his team to playoff glory, much... [Read More]
Mexico's foreign ministry said U.S. and Mexican officials engaged in a "cordial and respectful" conversation about various security topics. [Read More]
Los Angeles County transportation officials will study whether drivers who are alone in their cars and are willing to pay a toll should have access... [Read More]
By retaining Clay Helton as football coach, USC President Carol L. Folt and athletic director Mike Bohn demonstrate they're fine with mediocrity. [Read More]
Uber released an 84-page safety report detailing claims of sexual assaults made by passengers and drivers as well as deaths in assaults or vehicle collisions. [Read More]
Arthur Fleck's downward spiral plays out in the many sounds of Gotham that merge to create the world of 'Joker.'... [Read More]
Fifty million dollars. That's the site fee that landed the Andy Ruiz-Anthony Joshua title fight for Saudi Arabia, which has a history of human rights... [Read More]
What could have been a respectable thriller is undone by the over-the-top performances of Kelsey Grammer and Nicolas Cage. [Read More]
From Russia to Ukraine, the House needs to show the president's pattern of corruption. [Read More]
He needs to give voters more information about his work for the consulting firm McKinsey. [Read More]
The State Department's estimate of casualties from the current protests in Iran is higher than other, independent tallies. [Read More]
The actress reflects on starring in the horror/dark comedy from one of Britain's singular contemporary auteurs, Peter Strickland. [Read More]
Qualcomm didn't only reveal its new and more powerful chip for extended reality headsets at the Snapdragon Tech Summit, it also announced its partnership with... [Read More]
A video shows the boy in severe distress. He was discovered by his cellmate, not immigration officials, as they originally claimed. [Read More]
It's all about the power — and the cronyism. [Read More]
L.A. city officials won a key battle Thursday over a pair of local laws meant to ease the way for more housing for homeless people,... [Read More]
2020 GOP presidential candidate Joe Walsh, also a talk radio host and former Republican congressman from Illinois, is interviewed by C-SPAN on why he's…... [Read More]
Real Madrid's Florentino Pérez is shepherding a proposal that would reshape European soccer for the benefit of the Continent's biggest clubs. And he may have... [Read More]
In its first safety report, the ride-hailing company detailed sexual assaults, murders and fatal crashes through its platform. [Read More]