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  Abortion supporters shriek in terror at the thought that very soon Roe v. Wade could be reversed. Their propaganda says newly-confirmed Justice Amy Coney... [Read More]
On Monday night, Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to the Supreme Court of the United States in a vote of 52-48. ... [Read More]
  "Judge Barrett, soon to be sworn in as Justice Barrett, inspires the Pro-Life Generation with her story of rising to the top of her... [Read More]
From outside the Supreme Court with the SCOTUS Squad and pro-life activists from across the country, Students for Life of America and SFLAction President Kristan... [Read More]
University President Overrides Student Government label of "Hate Group" for Students for Life Club; Says Group "fully recognized student organization" University of Northern Iowa President Mark... [Read More]
October 26, 2020 Victory! Students for Life Group Formally Labeled as "Hate Group" is Now Recognized ... [Read More]
Unfortunately, Thursday's presidential debate failed to mention the issue of court packing; the American people were once more denied full transparency when it comes to... [Read More]
October 23, 2020 Democratic Proposals to Alter the Court Continue to Be Terrifying Unfortunately,... [Read More]
  Students for Life (in partnership with Students for Life Action) buckled down and sent over 205,000 text messages to encourage voters to #VoteProLifeFirst in... [Read More]
October 23, 2020 Students for Life Sent 205,000 Texts to Voters in ONE DAY! ... [Read More]
October 22, 2020 CHEAT SHEET: Questions the Pro-Life Generation Want Answered at Tonight's Presidential Debate ... [Read More]
"The Presidential debates and townhalls so far have spent considerable time focused on the policy interests or irritations of the moderators," said Students for Life/SFLAction's... [Read More]
In States from Alaska to Florida to Washington D.C., Students for Life and SFLAction celebrate the Judiciary Committee Sending Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the... [Read More]
October 22, 2020 Judiciary Committee Sends Amy Coney Barrett to Full Senate for Vote ... [Read More]
  Whether you are in school, or online with your classes this fall, you can still be a witness for the victims of abortion. Abortion... [Read More]
October 21, 2020 2020 National Pro-Life Day of Silent Solidarity   Whether you are... [Read More]
  Cyber bullying (for lack of a better term) is the new frontier for pro-abortion aggression. Though Students for Life staff and students have many... [Read More]
October 21, 2020 "Yeetus that Feetus?" Pro-Choice Trolls Need Some Better Material   Cyber... [Read More]
October 21, 2020 Why We Can't 'Cancel' the Pro-Life Label   Here we go... [Read More]
  The results are in from a September 30-October 15 Gallup poll and the American people want to see Judge Amy Coney Barrett confirmed to the... [Read More]
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