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As the debate continued over who owned the first automobile in Alliance, Albert O. Oyster, who was living in California, claimed priority over I.G. Tolerton... [Read More]
1920 A special meeting of the Shenandoah school board was held Friday evening for the purpose of acting on the report of the committee on... [Read More]
1920: Grover Cleveland Bergdoll's $105,000 in gold, obtained from the Treasury Department in Washington by former Magistrate James E. Romig, is buried in two iron... [Read More]
A look at Central Illinois history... [Read More]
The Parent's Class of the Primary Department of Emmanuel's Reformed Sunday School reported yesterday that $120 was cleared on the food sale that the class... [Read More]
CLEVELAND, SC (FOX Carolina) YMCA Camp Greenville started 100 years ago and will start again June 10, but with additional safety guidelines. On Wednesday, camp... [Read More]
Spokane was enduring a serious gasoline shortage. It had reached the point at which the city's Shell stations said they would have to close down... [Read More]
1920 Pertinent pointers: Select the kind of men to run your government that you would trust with running your own business. That is a pretty... [Read More]
A railroad spike, believed to have been placed on the tracks by children seen playing there just a short time prior, caused a heavily loaded... [Read More]
1920: City Council at an adjourned meeting today instructed the proper officers of the city to borrow $50,000, or as much more thereof as may... [Read More]
A look at Central Illinois history... [Read More]
1920... [Read More]
Thomas Reese, of Eckley, reported to the police last night that an extra tire had been stolen from his automobile while it was standing in... [Read More]
What can everyday Americans learn from a crew of seasoned adventurers who survived after having to jump ship off the coast of Antarctica more than... [Read More]
Repairing road Repairs are being made to the road down the Butler mountain into Butler Valley. Tarvia is being placed on worn spots. — From... [Read More]
Emotional wounds inflicted by World War I, at home and abroad, were still fresh on Memorial Day in 1920, 100 years ago this week. [Read More]
1920 WILKES BARRE - The offer of President Wilson to appoint a commission to arbitrate the anthracite wage dispute was accepted here today by an... [Read More]
Charles M. Hatfield, the hired rainmaker in Ephrata, came through with a deluge. [Read More]
100 Years Ago... [Read More]
1920: "I am the man who got the gold," asserted James E. Romig yesterday after he had been grilled for more than three hours by... [Read More]
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