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He was a Marxist revolutionary and minister in Afghanistan's short-lived communist government. But Sulaiman Layeq spent the last decades of his life writing an epic... [Read More]
With negotiations set to begin, women have been sharing their 'red lines' on the progress they refuse to see negotiated... [Read More]
In 2005, Taliban financier and Afghan drug lord Haji Bashir Noorzai flew from Dubai to New York City to strike a deal with American officials... [Read More]
In 2005, Taliban financier Haji Bashir Noorzai was arrested in New York for heroin trafficking and sentenced to life in the U.S. Now the Trump Administration is considering letting him out. ... [Read More]
The first U.S. coordinator for the Arctic is mostly a veteran of Afghan war diplomacy—but the issues in the far North aren't primarily military ones... [Read More]
In a wide-ranging interview with RFE/RL's Ray Furlong, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke of a tough U.S. response to a crackdown in Belarus... [Read More]
CHAMAN: The Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing at Chaman reopened for trade on Wednesday after talks between the Pakistan-Afghanistan border government committee and other relevant parties succeeded... [Read More]
The first U.S. Coordinator for the Arctic is mostly veteran of Afghan war diplomacy—but the issues in the far North aren't primarily military... [Read More]
THREE Afghan people smugglers with strong links to British organised crime gangs have been jailed for bringing over migrants in small boats. French detectives launched... [Read More]
Ahead of an upcoming release of Taliban detainees held in Afghan prisons, the insurgent group warned the government in Kabul on Tuesday against any attacks... [Read More]
The Afghan government is to release 400 "hardcore" Taliban and allied insurgent prisoners — a highly significant step, both militarily and symbolically, with far-reaching consequences... [Read More]
The Taliban are warning the Afghan government against any attacks on Taliban members who are to be freed from prison in the final prisoner release... [Read More]
A rogue Afghan soldier who shot dead three Australians is one step closer to being set free after Afghanistan's president issued a decree on prisoner... [Read More]
Afghan Govt to Release Last 400 Prisoners, Talks Expected Within 10 Days | Loya Jirga approves releases of 'hard-core' Taliban... [Read More]
Gen. David Petraeus has urged Home Secretary Priti Patel to help Afghan interpreters as the US has done through a special immigrant visa scheme as... [Read More]
As early as next week, Taliban political leaders could sit with an Afghan delegation to begin negotiations and US troops could fully exit the country... [Read More]
Afghan President released 400 "hardcore" Taliban prisoners on Monday as a condition to initiate peace talks. [Read More]
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani signed a decree for the controversial release of 400 Taliban fighters to kick-start Afghan peace talks, a statement by the presidential... [Read More]
The National Security Council said the process will start within two days. [Read More]
Afghanistan's future needs to include more than just those who hold guns. Here's how to make that happen. [Read More]
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