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The NFL has become more and more like the NBA, with certain players: (1) realizing the power they possess; and (2) not being afraid to... [Read More]
  I, Nathan Cudzilo, a registered Conservative, am voting for Mike Benedict in this year's primary election for County Court Judge because he's the most qualified... [Read More]
Imagine you have just had a great steak dinner at a fancy restaurant and after you went home had a good night sleep. The next... [Read More]
Late rapper DMX's ex-wife Tashera Simmons says she finds comfort in their final conversations, and in interviews he did with TV One's Uncensored... [Read More]
Henry Cavill knows when it's time to shut down rude behavior on the Internet, and he's not afraid to do so. [Read More]
Apple recently rolled out the "terrifying" iPhone feature Facebook was so afraid of: App Tracking Transparency (ATT). Announced almost a year ago, ATT is a... [Read More]
The Ruff Ryders legend also suggested he wasn't afraid to die, saying, "On the other end, God is waiting with your boarding pass." [Read More]
Regardless of whether Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier deserved to be relieved of his duty by the U.S. Space Force, he's certainly a patriot for having... [Read More]
This comes shortly after the rapper declared he's done being afraid of alienating his straight fans. [Read More]
  I'm going to be honest: you'll see me out there in my 'I Am the Pro-Life Generation' shirt at pretty much every activism event... [Read More]
"She loved to love and wasn't afraid to show it." Those who knew 19-year-old Hannah Pimentel say she had the power to make people see... [Read More]
Advocates are afraid these crimes are being underreported due to a lack of knowledge and familiarity with the reporting process, a dearth of Asian language... [Read More]
The UFC may be one of the last sports leagues to stay out of politics, but their athletes aren't afraid to share their beliefs. On... [Read More]
QUEEN LETIZIA, wife of King Felipe VI of Spain, is known for her stylish and sophisticated looks, but also for recycling her favourite clothes and... [Read More]
Discovery Channel is entering the dating game with series orders for three shows that blend romance with nature, entertainment and adventure. [Read More]
Politicians are fixated on the idea that America's growing trade deficit, and buying foreign products, hurts American industry. [Read More]
For the record, I consider myself pretty well-informed about Black history. But it is not lost on me that most of what I know was... [Read More]
"When weeks became months, I got used to my room," he said, "like in Shawshank Redemption. I'm content in my cell now." All of the... [Read More]
"When weeks became months, I got used to my room," he said, "like in Shawshank Redemption. I'm content in my cell now." All of the... [Read More]
Are there any COVID-19 vaccine options for people who are afraid of needles? [Read More]
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