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US actor Alec Baldwin has left many outraged with his response to the Blackout Tuesday campaign. Many took part to raise awareness for the Black... [Read More]
Alec Baldwin hosts new episode of Here's The Thing with guest Woody Allen. The '30 Rock' star discusses with the 'Midnight In Paris' director... [Read More]
The Bollywood actress joins Alec Baldwin to read chapter eight of the wizarding series' first book... [Read More]
Alec Baldwin defended his decision to promote his new podcast episode with Woody Allen on 'Blackout Tuesday,' Tuesday, June 2 — read more... [Read More]
Never one to sit idle, Alec Baldwin announces new "Rust" western film, he debuts Match Game Season 5 and reads Harry Potter for Wizarding World. [Read More]
Alec Baldwin responded on social media after being criticized for promoting a new podcast episode with Woody Allen on "Blackout…... [Read More]
Alec Baldwin is to produce and star in a new Western movie, 'Rust'. [Read More]
Leftist actor Alec Baldwin quoted Rep. John Lewis on Sunday, saying "we've got to organize in November," seemingly in response to the death of George... [Read More]
Ireland Baldwin was spotted stepping out to join the protests around Los Angeles on Tuesday. The daughter of Alec Baldwin has made her stance on... [Read More]
He's enjoyed a supremely successful career in film and television ever since exploding onto the scene over 30 years ago. [Read More]
Alec Baldwin is producing and starring in the independent Western action movie "Rust" with Joel Souza directing from his own script, based on a story by Souza... [Read More]
Alec Baldwin is set to star in Joel Souza's "Rust," which he will also produce under his El Dorado Pictures banner, the Highland Film Group... [Read More]
Emmy Award and Golden Globe awards winner Alec Baldwin has signed on to produce and star in action/western feature Rust. The pic is based on... [Read More]
Baldwin is also producing the film, with his 'Crown Vic' collaborator Joel Souza director. [Read More]
NEW YORK (AP) - Whether he's playing President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live" or hosting a new season of "Match Game," Alec Baldwin prefers... [Read More]
"We're going to start taking care of the people in this country because this could happen again. And who the f*** — excuse my French... [Read More]
Let the games begin. ABC has hit the jackpot its summer revivals of old game shows "Family Feud," "Press Your Luck" and "Match Game," hosted... [Read More]
Hilaria Baldwin steps outside for a relaxing day in the sun by her massive pool. Joining her are her adorable children and her husband Alec... [Read More]
The 62-year-old Oscar nominee shared a moment (17 seconds) of silence on Sunday about the nationwide protests over the murder of George Floyd... [Read More]
I couldn't make it all the way through your post... [Read More]
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