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Just hours after artists painted a Black Lives Matter mural in Martinez, California, an unidentified vandal used black paint to cover it up. ... [Read More]
I am a firm believer in All Lives Matter, no matter what color they are, which is why I am so opposed to abortion, the... [Read More]
"Shockingly," "All Lives Matter" didn't make the cut. [Read More]
Protesters and counterprotesters squared off in downtown Marion Friday evening. [Read More]
While commenting on the chants and signs proclaiming "Black Lives Matter," a white colleague said, "All lives matter." Yes, I replied, but . .... [Read More]
"Trump supporters took my job away from me." [Read More]
"All lives matter" should be said louder, not silenced. [Read More]
I not only believe that Black lives matter, I believe all lives matter. All the babies that are murdered daily in the USA matter to... [Read More]
Editor Kaylene Ladinsky shares a personal experience about discussing Black Lives Matter, white privilege and all lives matter with her son from a Jewish perspective. [Read More]
The phrase "Black Lives Matter" is valid, as is the phrase "All Lives Matter," but the latter phrase isn't good enough for the Black Lives... [Read More]
Eight people stood at Main Street and Claremont Avenue in the heat Thursday evening, just as protesters have stood there for a month. They... [Read More]
"Blue Lives Matter" items are still available for purchase online. [Read More]
Her threatening video went viral and reportedly caught the attention of her bosses at Deloitte. [Read More]
La cadena minorista tomó esta decisión tras ser criticada. [Read More]
"Black Lives Matter" has been co-opted and corrupted. All lives matter. [Read More]
The letter to the editor entitled "City Hall banner is not inclusive" made me pause and think. Yes, all lives matter. I truly belive that.... [Read More]
Claira Janover was fired from her 'dream job' at Deloitte over the TikTok posts - then returned to the video sharing site to say she... [Read More]
A Harvard graduate was reportedly fired from her job recently because she threatened to stab anyone who told her "All Lives Matter." [Read More]
Taken down a few pegs, a tearful Claira Janover said 'racist' supporters of President Donald Trump 'took my job away from me'... [Read More]
(LONDON DAILY MAIL) The Harvard graduate who went viral for saying she'd 'stab' anyone who told her 'all lives matter' in a TikTok video has... [Read More]
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