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Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 06:34 PM
"The decision represents the pointless, hypocritical virtue signaling of Rob Manfred, who I believe is the worst commissioner of any major sport," Matthew Gagnon writes. [Read More]
The decision to withdraw All-Star Game from Atlanta due to Georgia's voting laws may be virtue signalling, but we know the Masters won't follow... [Read More]
Georgia Democrats backing away from the All Star Game boycott shows they never believed their Jim Crow rhetoric. [Read More]
Georgia Reps. Lucy McBath and Carolyn Bourdeaux have both been silent on MLB's decision to relocate the All-Star Game out of Georgia. ... [Read More]
Hmmm. [Read More]
Major League Baseball (MLB) commissioner Robert Manfred came to the decision to move the All-Star Game on his own after holding extensive discussions with voting... [Read More]
U.S. soccer star Megan Rapinoe said athletes and sports leagues have to take action on political issues that 'make the world a better place.'... [Read More]
President Biden backs a ban on the MLB All-Star game being played in Georgia over changes to the Peach State's voting laws, but is not... [Read More]
JCN sent a letter to the MLB commissioner on Wednesday "criticizing his decision to move the upcoming All Star game from Atlanta to Denver." [Read More]
CNN anchor Jake Tapper opened his network up to intense scrutiny Wednesday after reporting on what went into MLB's decision to pull the All-Star Game out of... [Read More]
Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred said pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta reflects MLB's values. The only values I see reflected are greed,... [Read More]
Now, the battle that's gone from the voting booth to the baseball diamond, here's the latest on Georgia's controversial voting restrictions. Major League Baseball throwing... [Read More]
Commissioner Rob Manfred... [Read More]
Tammy Bruce, the host of Fox Nation's 'Get Tammy Bruce,' weighs in on Major League Baseball's decision to relocate the All-Star game and its impact... [Read More]
"This is a game the administration probably wishes they hadn't played at this point, but here we are." [Read More]
Clips... [Read More]
Reps. Lucy McBath and Carolyn Bourdeaux, who represent the Atlanta suburbs, have been silent after the MLB pulled this year's All-Star Game out of their area. Read Full... [Read More]
While Major League Baseball it is pulling the All Star Game out of Georgia in protest of the state's recently passed election law, Patagonia is... [Read More]
The MLB pulled the plug on majority-black Atlanta for a city that's three-quarters white in a state that requires IDs to vote. [Read More]
Republicans angry at Major League Baseball's decision to relocate its All-Star Game from the Atlanta area to Denver have misleadingly likened Georgia's new voting restrictions... [Read More]
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