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Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri and Sen. Mike Lee of Utah are proposing so-called "antitrust" legislation designed to punish Major-League... [Read More]
(WTRF)- A group of Senators, including Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley introduced a bill to end Major League Baseball's monopoly by eliminating their special antitrust... [Read More]
The Red & Black asked University of Georgia students their opinions on MLB's decision to move the game out of Atlanta, how they think it... [Read More]
Major League Baseball should have moved its All-Star game to Beijing. That way MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred would have solidified the leagues' growing interest in... [Read More]
"Democrats praise our national pastime while Republicans decry corporate power" sounds like a satirical headline from The Onion circa 2011. [Read More]
President Joe Biden, the great bipartisan unifier, has figured it out again, namely that certain Republican politicians in Georgia are reinstituting the Jim Crow submersion... [Read More]
Featured in the April 7 Sun: Major League Baseball's All-Star game joins the NFL's Colin Kaepernick's knee and the NBA's Lebron James voter registration drive... [Read More]
AJ's Famous Seafood & Poboys owner Andy Erbacher joins 'Your World' to discuss how hard-working Georgians will be affected... [Read More]
Our Post and Courier readers write about All-Star Game being pulled from Atlanta, Rich Lowry's column, Target's new downtown location, Joe Dawson's contract with Charleston... [Read More]
Ga. Gov. Brian Kemp made statements pertaining to minorities losing out on business because Major League Baseball has decided to move the game to Colorado... [Read More]
Stacey Abrams comments on the All-Star Game leaving Georgia, the state's new voting law and what her plans are going forward. [Read More]
Georgia's Republican governor is stepping up his attack on Major League Baseball's decision to pull this summer's All-Star Game from the state, saying the move... [Read More]
Voting rights activist and former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams tried to keep the Major League Baseball 2021 All-Star Game in the city of... [Read More]
Bishop Aubrey Shines, chair of "Conservative Clergy of Color," told "Real America's Voice" that lies about voter ID requirements from Stacey Abrams and President Biden... [Read More]
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I'm sure I've said this before, but I'll say it again anyway: White conservatives are annoying AF. Their dedication to being obtuse, gaslight-prone and wilfully... [Read More]
Commentary Major League Baseball's decision to move its all-star game out of Atlanta is more evidence that the ... [Read More]
Major League Baseball hit a home run by moving the all-star game out of Atlanta. [Read More]
Governor Brian Kemp and fellow Republicans gathered Saturday morning to discuss the economic impact of Major League Baseball's decision to move the All-Star game from... [Read More]
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