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From the editorial: The Wyoming Legislature attempted to enact a similarly strict ban after the Supreme Court's action, but a judge suspended it, ruling that... [Read More]
According to a statement by ACLU of Nebraska, "The lawsuit argues that school officials' decision to shutter the newspaper violated plaintiffs' First Amendment free speech... [Read More]
Note from the news editors: UM News Briefs are a new segment from The Miami Hurricane. News briefs provide a weekly snapshot of life at... [Read More]
MPs in the House of Commons were debating an amendment to the Liberal government's online regulation bill on ... [Read More]
Like any monster really worth fearing, the perverted version of the Second Amendment currently running loose in America requires regular blood sacrifices to keep it... [Read More]
A mob of anti-Second Amendment activists stormed the Tennessee Capitol on Thursday, demanding restrictions on Americans' right to bear arms. [Read More]
In a blatant act of retribution, Missouri House Republicans this week voted to completely defund the entire state's public libraries, after librarians filed a lawsuit... [Read More]
Notice of Public Hearing The Alexandria Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing on Monday, April 17, 2023 at 7:40 pm in the Alexandria City... [Read More]
From today's U.S. v. Missouri, decided by Judge Brian Wimes (W.D. Mo.): The Supremacy Clause provides that the "Constitution, and... [Read More]
There is a movement among a number of Republicans in the General Assembly to put a state constitutional amendment on a special Aug. 8 ... [Read More]
Mary Souza inadvertently made a strong case in her latest column for why nonprofit donor privacy is an essential First Amendment right to defend. [Read More]
"What we are doing in this piece of legislation is a direct violation of the 8th Amendment," said Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor of Indianapolis. [Read More]
I am writing as a concerned citizen to urge legislators to vote "ought to pass" on LD 928, the Pine Tree Amendment.I am a hunter,... [Read More]
A Texas judge who blocked a lawyer from his Facebook page and deleted the lawyer's negative comments can't be sued for a constitutional violation, a... [Read More]
Lawmakers advanced a constitutional amendment to establish so-called "constitutional sheriffs" status in Montana and voted down a bill aimed at sharpening the state's impeachment process. [Read More]
Republican lawmakers have advanced a proposal to reshape Montana's independent redistricting commission in a way they say will remove the politics from the process. [Read More]
The ACLU says the district violated the First Amendment by not allowing the club to meet. [Read More]
MARYLAND- The Cannabis Reform act of 2023- has now passed the senate and heads over to the Maryland house creating a pathway for businesses. The... [Read More]
When I was growing up, we were told that we were lucky to have been born with the freedom to be whoever we chose and... [Read More]
The state Senate unanimously endorsed asking voters in 2024 whether they wish to enshrine the first-in-the-nation presidential primary into the New Hampshire Constitution. [Read More]
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