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We're barely a month out from the Colonial Pipeline hacking, perpetrated by the Russian-speaking hacking group DarkSide, which left thousands of Americans without gas, preventing... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'Hannity', Tammy Bruce reviews President Biden's first six months in office. Meanwhile, Americans suffer as crime rises. [Read More]
The eruption of COVID-19 last year caused the proportion of people working from home in the U.S. to nearly double. The shift was most pronounced... [Read More]
WASHINGTON (AP) —Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told Congress on Friday she will start taking emergency measures next week to keep the government from an unprecedented... [Read More]
I find myself increasingly bewildered by the behavior and beliefs of many of my fellow Americans? These are not the people I thought I lived... [Read More]
Small businesses in the U.S. that depend on tourism and vacationers say business is bouncing back, as Americans rebook postponed trips and spend freely on... [Read More]
Despite the thousands of miles between Milwaukee and Tokyo, many Japanese-Americans take pride in seeing their country on display as the 2021 Olympic Games kick... [Read More]
The "big lie" that President Joe Biden was not legitimately elected is not going away. One reason is Americans who care about their democracy are... [Read More]
If the U.S. women's quadruple sculls rowing team wants a shot at a medal in Tokyo, it will have to get there through essentially the... [Read More]
The House approved a bill to expand eligibility for visas for Afghans who aided the U.S. to NGO workers who did not help Americans. [Read More]
Japanese American survivors of wartime incarceration received $20,000 each and an apology. Some of their descendents say Black Americans are also due reparations. [Read More]
Cardinal Gregory says Americans must welcome, protect, and share the United States with illegal aliens while urging Congress to pass amnesty. ... [Read More]
Another mascot change in a professional sport. This time it's Major League Baseball with Cleveland rebranding itself. It comes after years of pressure from Native... [Read More]
This marks four months of Americans receiving the third round of stimulus checks in batches. [Read More]
Seven months after the first coronavirus shots were rolled out, vaccinated Americans -... [Read More]
I don't know whether these poll data are reproducible, but they are interesting. Most people, first of all, are proud of being Americans. That is... [Read More]
While Dr. Fauci said on the whole that fully vaccinated Americans can largely still go unmasked, he said in certain local COVID hot spots mask... [Read More]
The growing consensus that at least some Americans will need a booster is tied in part to research suggesting that Pfizer's vaccine is less effective... [Read More]
African Americans have higher cancer death rates and lower cancer survival rates than any other ethnic group in the United States. [Read More]
The American Problem is writ large in the small print of the latest Gallup poll:  Twice as many Republicans as Democrats trust the police. Twice... [Read More]
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