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Fossils trapped in amber have been among paleontology's most fascinating finds in recent years -- globs of hardened ancient tree resin have captured tantalizing details... [Read More]
The ancient tablet was analyzed by the British Museum's Dr. Irving Finkel... [Read More]
A video released by China.org.cn shows how Thangka, a type of traditional Tibetan scrolling painting which has been passed down for over 1,300... [Read More]
There's a plot of grass in the middle of all the concrete at the UPS Worldport. As random as it seems, it's not. [Read More]
The first NASA mission that will fly by eight ancient asteroids launched early Saturday morning, but not everything went according to plan once the Lucy... [Read More]
Funko could have gone in any direction with their new wave of Pop figures based on The Simpsons (a... [Read More]
An ancient cosmic ray event helped archaeologists pinpoint the date. [Read More]
Humans did not cause woolly mammoths to go extinct – climate change did For five million years, woolly mammoths roamed the earth until... [Read More]
New, international standards for handling ancient genetic material draw support from many scientists, criticism from others. [Read More]
A new analysis of ancient wooden artifacts shows that Viking voyagers had crossed the Atlantic Ocean and were living in Newfoundland as far back as... [Read More]
Tree ring evidence of an ancient solar storm enables scientists to pinpoint the exact year of Norse settlement... [Read More]
Aroha Oils, a transformative new luxury skincare line inspired by the Himalayas and based on the ancient science of Ayurveda, today announced... [Read More]
(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.)Michael Paul Nelson, Oregon State University and Kathleen Dean Moore,... [Read More]
ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- With Museum Edutainment's new mobile app BARDEUM: DON'T JUST SEE THE SITES; STEP INSIDE THEIR STORIES, visitors... [Read More]
Eds: This story was supplied by The Conversation for AP customers. The Associated Press... [Read More]
An MP calls on the Treasury to provide an annual cash pot of £600,000 for Chester's ancient walls. [Read More]
Hiking through lush forests, our writer follows ancient paths to witness the reinvention of Greece's iconic wine... [Read More]
The "Luzzatto High Holiday Mahzor," which contains several versions of prayers that have since disappeared from Ashkenazi tradition, was purchased by an anonymous American collector.The... [Read More]
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is using modern technology to stir appreciation for ancient artistry — including an Athenian potter's transformative "discovery" of red. [Read More]
The outgoing LX may be ancient, but it still has its charms. [Read More]
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