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PLOT: The film centres around a notorious horror writer, who moves into an ancient castle with his teenage daughter, to…... [Read More]
AN EGYPT worker has revealed the strange encounter he witnessed after excavating a tomb that has been linked with the cat Goddess of the ancient... [Read More]
Completed in 2020 in Pélissanne, France. Images by Eugeni Pons. The town of Pélissanne is an ancient fortified city located in the heart of Provence... [Read More]
The federal government has filed a lawsuit demanding that the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco return two ancient relics allegedly stolen from temples in... [Read More]
Completed in 2020 in Shenzhen, China. Images by Hao Chen. Project Narrative Adjoin Garden, with an ancient architectural illusion, is located in the heart of... [Read More]
A civil complaint against the Asian Art Museum filed Monday in federal court seeks the forfeiture of two 1,500-pound hand-carved sandstone lintels the government contends... [Read More]
Fragments of nails believed to have been used in Jesus's crucifixion have ancient wood and fragments of bone on them, according to a new study,... [Read More]
"'May you live in interesting times' is an apocryphal ancient curse. These times are certainly interesting, to say the least, and the best way to... [Read More]
In any zombie horror story, the undead human corpses roam the world in their hunt for human flesh. Now, we know zombies aren't real, but... [Read More]
Hot and humid: Using minerals from ancient soils, ETH researchers are reconstructing the climate that prevailed on Earth some 55 million years ago. Their findings... [Read More]
What if you suddenly ended up in another universe, and had absolutely no idea where you were going and no one to ask for directions? [Read More]
The time travel element of Avengers: Endgame creates a major plot hole for the Ancient One during the Battle of New York. [Read More]
Zeta, the 27th named storm in a very busy Atlantic season, made landfall as a hurricane just north of the ancient Mayan city of Tulum. [Read More]
SAN ANDREAS earthquakes may have been caused by an ancient lake which sat on top of the dreaded fault line, experts have revealed. [Read More]
Hurricane warning: Louisiana is once again under a hurricane warning, with Zeta exiting Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on a path that could hit the New Orleans... [Read More]
Ballots that date more than two millennia old tell the story of ostracism... [Read More]
So you have chosen... BEATS! [Read More]
A large new coral reef, rising more than 500m from the ocean floor, has been found off Australia's far north coast, the first such discovery... [Read More]
Istanbul's magnificent Hagia Sophia has survived on one of the world's most active seismic faults, which has inflicted a dozen devastating earthquakes... [Read More]
ANCIENT writing practices used by the Egyptians are being deciphered by scientists using state of the art technology. [Read More]
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