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A new movie, Dinosaurs of Antarctica, debuts at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford. [Read More]
The island, buried under sheets of ice, has never been seen by humans before. [Read More]
The U.S. Navy has ordered ships in the Pacific Ocean that have visited "countries with moderate or greater risk" of the coronavirus to "remain at... [Read More]
Now that coronavirus has spread to every continent with the exception of Antarctica, health officials believe it is only a matter of... [Read More]
Gary Bartels said he's traveled to six continents and plans to mark Antarctica off his list next year. [Read More]
The coronavirus has been detected on every continent except Antarctica. [Read More]
The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been found on every continent except for Antarctica. [Read More]
The planet's oceans are capable of storing a lot more heat than Earth's atmosphere. But while Antarctica's coastal... [Read More]
Concerns over COVID-19 are steadily growing now that the novel coronavirus has spread to every continent -- with the exception of Antarctica. And as the virus grows globally, being smart about... [Read More]
A once-hidden island has been uncovered in Antarctica after melting glaciers caused by record high temperatures revealed its rocky shore to passing scientists. [Read More]
Deadly illness has now spread to every continent except Antarctica, as China's situation shows signs of stabilising. [Read More]
With new cases across Brazil, Europe and the Middle East, the deadly virus has now spread to every continent except Antarctica. [Read More]
The illness is on every continent except Antarctica, with more new cases now being reported outside China than within. But how threatening is the outbreak,... [Read More]
There were more than 82,000 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 coronavirus spread across every continent except Antarctica as of Thursday morning, plus about 2,800 deaths,... [Read More]
GERMANY warned it is at the "beginning of an epidemic" last night as coronavirus spread to every continent except Antarctica. New cases emerged in Denmark,... [Read More]
With Brazil confirming Latin America's first case, the virus has reached every continent but Antarctica... [Read More]
The coronavirus or Covid-19 continuing to spread around the world. There are 15- cases in the US.President Trump says 5 of those have recovered and... [Read More]
From February 5 through February 13, temperatures in Antarctica were about the same as in Los Angeles, 65 degrees, the hottest ever recorded. [Read More]
Travel to one of the most remote parts of the planet is booming. What does that mean for the environment and visitor safety? [Read More]
Most travel providers won't offer a refund or let you change plans just because of coronavirus concerns, but you still have options if you're worried. [Read More]
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