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The Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit playoffs have become the franchise's most-watched competition. [Read More]
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The recently released season of Apex Legends, called 'Legacy' and effectively Season 9 for the... [Read More]
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APEX Legends servers are down tonight following fresh issues with EA Servers. [Read More]
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Newly added to the game as part of season 9, or Apex Legends Legacy update, Valkyrie is a very unique character designed for those who... [Read More]
Apex Legends Season 9 -- also known as Apex Legends Legacy -- is now available on Nintendo Switch,... [Read More]
Respawn is looking into the 'fill squad' bug yet again. [Read More]
Apex Legends Season 9: Legacy sees the legends have to cure a dangerous antigen. [Read More]
Season 9 has more people playing Apex Legends than ever. [Read More]
Andrew and Judy Kristensen stream together on HisandHersLive. [Read More]
Looks like this season is Apex Legends' most popular yet... [Read More]
Apex Legends' new Legacy season launched this week, and though it had some significant issues... [Read More]
More than 240,000 people were playing Apex Legends at the same time for the Season 9 launch. [Read More]
Det nya mobilspelet från EA är på väg - ta reda på allt du behöver veta om det, här. [Read More]
The new mobile game from EA is on the way - find out everything you need to know about it, right here. [Read More]
Does it matter? [Read More]
Itching to get first blood? Here's how to win more hot drop fights in "Apex Legends." [Read More]
This gaming couple not only rule at Apex Legends, but also have a super popular streaming channel that is a must see... [Read More]
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